The Associated Press reported on Friday that, according to a draft memo obtained by the organization, President Trump's administration was considering mobilizing up to 100,000 National Guard troops to aid in the rounding up of unauthorized immigrants across the country. The 11-page memo written by John Kelly, the US Homeland Security Secretary, talks of military immigration enforcement encompassing 11 states, from Oregon in the north to Louisiana in the east. Four of the states included also border Mexico, namely Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California.

The final decision on whether to deploy troops will be left to the Governors of each state, respectively. This announcement comes after President Trump's first solo news conference on Thursday, a performance which was roundly criticized by press outlets across the world, including those closely affiliated with the President such as Fox News.

The President's team was quick to downplay the announcement, with Press Secretary Sean Spicer immediately denying the validity of the report, calling it irresponsible.

Sadly, given Mr. Spicer's history in providing false information on a regular basis, his words have not helped. Despite stating that the news is untrue, the administration has been silent on the reason the report itself exists.

Should such a measure be implemented, it is unlikely that there would be immediate deportations of "illegal" immigrants.

Whilst those with existing deportation orders would most likely be sent home, immigrants without such orders would be entitled to stay until new orders were put in place.

Laughable performance

Today's news follows on from President Trump's farcical news conference on Thursday, where a fiery Trump crossed swords with a press corps unwilling to sit back and listen to more of the President's untruths.

Amongst a number of heated exchanges, the President was challenged on his constant incorrect assertion of his Electoral College victory being the biggest since Ronald Reagan.

There was also further fallout from Thursday's comical performance in front of the world's media. The Kremlin ordered state broadcasters to limit the amount of time given to covering President Trump, the latest sign that Russian confidence in the Trump White House is waning at a time when the President looks to establish friendlier relations.

Furthermore, Mr. Trump's preferred replacement for disgraced General Flynn -- retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward -- turned down the role of National Security Advisor, describing the White House as chaotic, and telling friends that the job would be a s***-sandwich, according to CNN.

President Trump's claims that the White House is running like a "well-oiled machine," seem to show an administration clearly in disarray. It remains to be seen where the next piece of positive news will arise, in an environment clearly hostile toward the Trump regime.