Trump tightens up on illegal immigrants - Asylum Seekers flee to Canada: - Illegal immigrants already in the USA are fleeing to Canada as the new Trump administration takes a hard line and tightens up on border control. While Reuters reported a touching story on Friday about a family of illegal Sudanese who ran for the border after their vehicle was stopped by US officials, the illegal immigrants living under the Trump government are increasingly fleeing to the neighboring country, Canada.

Trump determined to control border security - illegals flee to Canada

The BBC reported that "asylum seekers are illegally crossing from the US into Canada in growing numbers hoping to receive refugee status." Some very emotional reports have been circulating via mainstream media about the plight of these people who illegally entered the USA and are now concerned about deportation and harassment from the Republican government and their supporters. CBC shared out a video that showed a Somali found stumbling around in the snow.

It is becoming obvious that it is not just refugees wandering around in the cold winters nights, as more reporters and photographers are out and about looking for these refugees who make for great headlines.

Many of them were in fact, illegal immigrants in the USA and never applied for refugee status in the first place, but it seems that they are probably refugees now as they will be given a chance to apply for asylum in Canada as long as they make it across the border without being caught by US officials.

Refugees often from Africa and the Middle East

Emerson, which a small town has become well known via word of mouth as a good place to cross and many of the refugees come from that area as it "contains the largest Somali population in North America," the BBC reported. "Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia," are also seeing increasing numbers of refugees.

While this is not a new phenomenon, the number of refugees has risen exponentially since the Trump presidency took over the White House.

While many people are condemning Trump for his strong stance against illegal immigrants, it would be wrong to overlook the fact that many of these refugees originated in Africa and the Middle east where most of the countries were previously colonized by the UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and France. These countries all left their mark on the language and culture of the indigenous peoples of Africa, so one wonders why they left to go to America, which is very far from Africa and the Middle East where the language and local cultures are so very different from their own?

Migrants choose the USA as it is easier to get in and stay in

A fisheries owner in Mozambique which was formerly a Portuguese country, told this reporter that he lost an unqualified general laborer to the USA. He illegally entered the country and when he communicated with him later, he said the reason he chose the USA was because it was "much easier to get in and stay in than in Europe."

Illegals problem rooted in European colonial exodus long before Trump

Where is the condemnation towards these European countries who fled Africa and the Middle East as fast as they could shed their colonial petticoats when was expedient for them to do so? Where do they stand on this flood of people seeking to live in the USA and Canada, just try to find a better life than in the often brutal political quagmire left in the wake of the colonizers' pell-mell flight out of Africa?

The problem did not start with Trump but has its roots in colonial rule and the soft immigration policies of USA presidents that preceded Trump. It is surely time for the European countries who caused the problems in the first place to come to the resolution table. Instead of protesting Trump's immigration policies, perhaps the UK, Italy, French and German protesters should be asking what their own countries are going to do about it?