The Munich security conference last Friday highlighted some serious issues in the world at the Moment. These were outlined by The Guardian's Simon Tisdale, writing that international relations are more volatile than any time since 1945.

Three superpowers, all behaving badly

We have #three superpowers – the US, Russia and China – all behaving badly, at the same time, and the consequences could be disastrous.

In the past, politicians and presidents attending this meeting could quietly focus on a single lone threat such as the Soviet Union during the Cold War, or #Russia the last few years, or expansionist China.

But the problem is that today the United States, and its tempestuous new leader and his fiery style as outlined in his hardline immigration policies, point to a worrisome new problem in the Global structure.

President Trump's #foreign policy is unclear, his style is estranging and isolating, and his lack of experience and his resentment of the press all point to potential issues in the coming months. Further, his isolationist proclivity to betray status quo organizations such as the UN and NATO is deeply worrying for these world leaders and their policy people.

The world can only watch to see what happens next, as America clarifies its position in the #changing world structure.