When Grammy nominations were announced, it was clear that the two albums that would compete for the top honor were “Lemonade” and “25.” Beyoncé and Adele are two of the biggest names in music, however, their approaches to music and the messages of their albums were very different. Beyoncé’s album was a political statement about the power of blackness and especially the power of black women. Adele’s album was a message to all people that have ever suffered a broken heart. Both were effective in different ways but which one deserved the top honor.

Awards based on subjectivity do not work

I have been saying this for years and still believe it; award for subjectivity do not work. In one arena you have Beyoncé’s album which speaks to political and social issues. In Adele’s case you have an album which relates to so many people on an emotional level. The Grammy voters are made up of so many different divisions that it is hard to gauge who likes what. Many of the voters are not even artists themselves which are rather shocking because they still get to vote on music that they don’t really know. Whenever you make a political statement like Beyoncé did you are sure to rattle some features. Adele’s music is not threatening which makes it more approachable.

While many people on the outside understood her message, Hollywood is not as progressive as they advertise themselves to be.

The message of an album is more important than an award

What Beyoncé was able to do with “Lemonade” is something that was revolutionary. She made black people feel empowered and she was able to expose her imperfections while embracing her culture.

It was a great album that will stand the test of time. Adele’s album will probably also stand the test of time as her music is able to speak to so many people and heal them from several different situations. Adele’s gesture of breaking the award in half and giving a piece to Beyoncé is significant because it shows that these awards are just relics and not something that should be given so much value. Of course be thankful that you won something but also know that the message of an album is more important than walking way with metal that will collect dust in a few months.