A few days back Donald Trump had tweeted that immigrants in Sweden had rioted. The Swedes had laughed at him and had failed to realize that all Donald had said was based on what had been reported by Fox News. They had also failed to appreciate the real meaning of what Donald had said that they were sitting on a powder keg. The old saying that the " birds come home to roost" is very true in Sweden. They had taken in 190,000 Muslim migrants. With such a large number of migrants, the danger of a conflagration was very much there. It has now happened.

Riots broke out in the suburb of Rinkeby, a suburb populated mainly by Muslim migrants.The riots continued late into the night.The people who will be red faced are the Swedes who had been making snide remarks against the US president.

Riots in Rinkeby

On Monday the riots erupted in the migrant suburb of Rinkeby. The rioters who were Muslims attacked and burned 8 cars and the police and the fire brigade had a tough time controlling the riots. One policeman was also injured and the rioting and arson ended only at midnight. So far the police have not made any arrests. In an ostrich-like attitude, the Swedish prime minister refused to acknowledge the problem and said that his government was investing more in houses and other amenities.

I wonder if he realizes that this will not stop the rioting.

Immigrants and crime

Ever since the immigrants have come rapes have jumped up by 13% and sexual assaults by 20% in 2016 over previous years. This data is provided by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.This itself should be cause for alarm yet we had a silly tweet by someone managing the Sweedish twitter account stating" Hey Don this is @ Sweden speaking!

It's nice of you to care, really, but don't fall for the hype. Fact. We're OK"

The man laughing up his sleeve would be Donald Trump. The fact is things are not OK in Sweden. As per information, the immigrant suburb is almost 'Out of bounds' to the local police. There is also an immigrant Crime Wave.This is not a healthy sign.

Donald has defended what he said and his subsequent tweet clarifies his position.


Sweden is having a migrant crisis. The rioting on Monday night and the overall increase in rapes and sexual assaults are cause for worry.