President Donald Trump has only been the President of the United States for a month, but he's already dealing with constant criticism and his first major scandal. While Trump continues to talk a big game, he might be having second thoughts about his new job.

Trump trouble

When Donald Trump first announced his campaign for president, most people didn't take his candidacy too seriously. As the months moved on, the former host of "The Apprentice" picked up steam, somehow defied the odds, defeated 16 other Republicans, and became the party's presidential nominee.

Four months later and Trump found himself the winner on Election Day, pulling off the upset against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump's transition to the White House was difficult, as he struggled to put together a cabinet and administration, which seemed clear even during his inauguration. Since then, the commander in chief has been dealing with unprecedented obstruction in Congress by Democrats, while retired Gen. Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Adviser due to his alleged illegal contact with Russia. According to Yahoo News on February 20, the pressure is getting the president.

Citing the latest newsletter by Mike Allen of Axios, a close adviser to the White House has confirmed that Donald Trump is experiences "Cabin Fever" and is not happy being the president.

According to the report, Trump is suffering from "headaches and frustration," much of which are due to his inability to spend time eating at restaurants at night. Trump's recent behavior in regards to his attacks on the media and citing a false terrorist attack in Sweden are "partially about Trump management," the newsletter pointed out.

While he's only been in the White House for a month, Donald Trump has spent three weekends at Mar-a-Lago, his resort in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump's getaways are seen to be the result of the aforementioned "cabin fever."

Double down Donald

The report by Axios comes just a week after Politico reported similar findings. Nearly 20 separate sources were interviewed and noted that Donald Trump was not happy with being the president, which has led to his constant mood-swings, ranging from "surprise" to "anger." The report by Politico noted that Trump was having a difficult time dealing with the "predictable realities of governing." While Trump denies any issues, only time will tell how the rest of his administration will move forward.