Keanu Reeves has always been a great action movie actor that picks some of the best movies to star in. The actor has never been a stranger to good decisions when it comes to filming and acting, and this movie is no different.

The first "john wick" movie was fast-paced and a very solid flick that kept viewers entertained the entire time, but the second movie takes everything the first one did right and enhances it in a masterful way. It reminds me of the reasons why action movies have always been so good to me, but I had not felt this entertained with a movie in the genre since the 90’s.

The cast

This second movie comes with a very good cast that includes Keanu back as Jonathan Wick, of course, Laurence Fisburne as The Bowery King (always fun seeing these two in the same movie and it not being "The Matrix"), Ruby Rose as Ares, John Leguizamo as Aurelio, Ian McShane as Winston, and Bridget Moynahan as Helen Wick. These are the most relevant actors in the movie and they all bring something interesting to the table.

The plot

John is recruited to assassinate a target and is then double-crossed to make sure that there are no loose ends. This is a very common problem for Hitmen to worry about, and it has always been a funny thing for honor to even be brought up when the job is to kill people.

"John Wick," is of course able to handle the situation, but things get very difficult for him during this film and with a spoiler-free short review of the plot, we can say that this is probably an ending that feels right due to how the film develops.


"John Wick Chapter 2" is definitely a great popcorn movie for anyone who is looking to get a dose of good old action fun with extreme violence, but isn’t interested in paying too much attention to a complicated plot.

If this is the case, this movie is perfect for you and you will have a blast watching the main character deal with all of the assassins that are out to get him. This is a highly recommended action film that everyone should see.