It's not about you; it's about the people! President Trump gave a news conference yesterday which, if you skip the rhetoric and pay attention to what was actually said, was mostly about how mistreated he is by the awful media, by the biased Federal courts, the intelligence community, by Congress not approving his nominees, and by insiders in the White House and elsewhere who leak truthful accounts which contradict what he wants people to believe.

What about us?

Where is the Presidential action which would put more money in the pockets of tens of millions of people who voted for him?

The simplest and fastest move possible would be to just raise the Federal minimum wage since the present wage doesn’t raise a family above the poverty level. President Trump could also push to protect people from predatory banks, but instead, he is repealing the regulations aimed at stopping another great recession like the one that occurred when President Bush removed banking regulations.

The President has eased rules on coal mines dumping waste into waterways which experts say will not bring back any jobs because the major reason for the demise of 18,000 coal mining jobs since 2012 isn’t regulation, but the fact that natural gas is much cheaper, easier to use, cleaner, far easier to extract than coal, and doesn't produce tons of waste sludge.

And while some energy companies said the rule would eliminate 77,000 jobs in the future, there are actually only 69,500 coal miners according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

His proposed Secretary of Labor made billions by forcing employees to work overtime without overtime pay, fought against any minimum wage at all, threatened to eliminate jobs through more automation, and the billionaire saved a few thousand dollars by hiring illegal domestic workers instead of Americans, and then failed to pay taxes on them.

Florida rally

This weekend President Trump has planned a giant rally of his supporters which will undoubtedly bring in a big crowd who will yell approval of his complaints against the fake media which has the nerve to report facts, and Hillary who he just doesn’t seem able to let go of, brag of crowd size (any car wreck gathers a crowd), and how big his election win was.

But, besides the revival tent-like entertainment value and the undoubted boost for his ego, just what is President Trump doing wasting time on a campaign rally when the election is over and his administration is in complete turmoil?

Why isn’t President Trump meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus over the weekend, or working on a proposal to increase the minimum wage, or looking for a new National Security Advisor? President Trump told the press conference that his administration is, “Running like a well-oiled machine,” but it obviously isn’t. He could also be working on his proposal to rebuild America, we've heard almost nothing about the infrastructure plan.

He has signed a few Executive Orders, but where is his healthcare plan; his plan to help the inner cities; details of extreme vetting; filling the open jobs in many agencies; details on his tax plan, and so much more that is also so much more important than holding an after campaign rally.

It’s too soon to take a victory lap. In the first weeks of his rule President Trump has continued his campaign against Hillary and blasted the media for actually reporting on true events such as Michael Flynn lying to the Vice President, his disastrous phone call to the Australian Prime Minister, having a retired Navy Seal and Vice Admiral turn down the recently vacated job of Security Advisor, and being told by four judges, 2 Democrats, and 2 Republicans, that his immigrant ban is really a Muslim ban, and therefore, unconstitutional. (Lying to the FBI is a federal crime, so Flynn is already liable for arrest and prosecution.)