At around the same time that Stephen Bannon and Prince Reibus were having a love-in at the #Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, Fascist alt-right leader Richard Spencer was kicked out of by organizers.

"His views are #repugnant and have absolutely nothing to do with conservatism or what we do here," the CPAC spokesman Ian Walters told the press.

Walters added that spencer is "anti-free markets, #anti-Constitution, anti-pluralism," describing him as one bad egg who bought a ticket. He also used the words vile, venomous, horrible and repulsive to paint a more emphatic picture of Spencer's fascist views.

Distancing from the alt-right

CPAC is attempting to paint the picture that it wants nothing to do with the fascist-style alt-right, a white nationalist movement that is glorying in Donald Trump's recent victory. The president's chief strategist, #Steve Bannon, used to run the alt-white Breitbart magazine. So although CPAC made a big statement by refusing entry to Spencer, they did invite Bannon up onstage where he shared his unflattering and questionable views on the media.