Trump inauguration seems to be a big question for some. Whilst millions of people across the world and in the USA will watch the speech, celebrations, and entertainment, including planned protests, many people think it is a difficult call. To watch or not? This is the question that seems to be floating around Facebook and Twitter at the moment.

Trump inauguration - watching for the history factor

Some people have commented that they will watch for the history factor - but only if it is convenient for them to do so. The liberals have long said that the world is going to end as we know it when Trump becomes president.

If that should turn out to be true, then people should be watching his inauguration and keeping a copy of this momentous occasion so they have a record of the day the world ended, - or at least started to end.

Hesitation to watch Trump - mistaken as a fan

There are those people who really want to watch the whole thing, including the Trump speech that he wrote by himself. It will indeed, be fascinating to hear what Trump has to say - after all, millions of people heard him in his campaign and rushed off to cast their votes. Watching the inauguration will be an important step in being aware of the current political climate. The democrats want to change things back the way they were and they will have this opportunity in another four years time.

If they are serious about this, then surely they should watch and educate themselves so they can make informed decisions in the years to come. The USA is about tolerance - or at least it used to be - if people are afraid to be seen to be a fan just because they wish to stay informed, then perhaps they should be examining the company they keep.

Whatever happened to the collective "inquiring mind," that we all learned about at college? Has the art of debating been removed from our society in favor of following the herd and never thinking outside our little boxes?

Definite 'no' not even wild horses etc

Others have said they will not watch as they do not need to hear a speech to know that actions speak much louder than words.

There is a hatred for Trump in some sectors of the American society that is deeply ingrained and possibly only an apocalyptic event that would erase Trump from the inauguration and from the earth would suffice. Not watching is not passive resistance and will not make the problem go away, but freedom of choice is the one thing that the Americans used to respect before the Trump election debacle. Those people who want to watch will no doubt not even miss those who will not watch, and it is doubtful any abstainers can possibly divide the nation any more than it is already.

The supporters who won't miss the inauguration for anything

On the flip side, we have the Trump supporters who really want to be a part of this historic Trump inauguration.

For many of them, the abstainers and critics are just viewed as the democrats being the ultimate bad losers. From their perspective, they have had to watch their presidential favorites lose over the years and they did not have "tantrums" and sulk, take to the streets and generally throw their toys out of the cot. Witness this tweet below.

Does the Trump inauguration really matter in the scheme of our comfort zones?

Does it really matter? After all, the hashtag #LAHair is out-trending the hashtag trumpinauguration. That fact alone indicates that as long as "Game of Thrones" continues to air new episodes, as long as Walmart carry on having super savings and as long as people can walk around with nice hair and watch those shows - in the scheme of all things under the sun, the reality is that after the Trump inauguration show is over the people of America will mostly retreat into their comfort zones.