Donald Trump is in Rosie O'Donnell's scope once again, and as you might have guessed, she has nothing pretty to say about the President-elect. O'Donnell took to Trump's favorite news outlet, social media, and she blasted the future President of the United States, calling him "mentally unstable" and a "criminal."

'Turd' endearing in comparison to latest accusations

It looks like Rosie has upped the ante on her Trump-bashing antics as she once called him a "turd." Today's accusations of Trump being a "criminal" and describing him as "mentally unstable" are a far cry from a simple "turd."

Stop Trump, but how?

O'Donnell claims America has three weeks to stop Trump.

She never elaborated on what she wanted to stop him from, but most folks surmise she means putting a halt on Trump entering the White House as the 45th president of this great nation. How does she aim to do this, or how does she propose "America" does this? Her social media shout-out was addressed to America and she reminded the masses that they only have three weeks to stop him. Oddly enough, even her own fans showed some resistance to Rosie's train of thought.

If that wasn't enough, Rosie kept on Tweeting to get her point across and she posted this next about Trump:

Rosie in good company?

It appears Rosie may have been in like-minded company during a recent interview on CNN.

She shared the interview with Harry Hurt III, who wrote a biography on Trump. Rosie sang her battle-cry of stopping Trump on Twitter, but she made a few comments while Hurt shared how Trump had him ousted from Trump International Golf Club last week. The biographer cites Trump being unhappy with the book he wrote as the reason he was kicked off the course.

It is safe to say the CNN interview with both O'Donnell and Hurt swapping notes on Trump was no love fest. Rosie's tweet urging America to stop Trump got some very funny comments on Twitter, as highlighted by Us Magazine. One Twitter user wanted to know how she planned to stop him... "eat him?" You can see that in the tweet below:

It looks like Rosie's fans took this opportunity to no only educate her on how the election process works in the U.S., but to also let her know it is done, finished.

They basically told Rosie to buck-up, as Trump is going to be president. This Twitter user below makes a suggestion to Rosie that she might want to change her tune.

Fans educate O'Donnell on election process

From the mouths of Twitter users, it looks like they are showing Rosie the light! What is she thinking calling for America to stop Trump? There's actually no way to do this, and if there was a chance of this happening, what makes her think that people would want to stop Trump from getting into the Oval Office? She may think he is a "turd," but a good portion of America likes the guy and the masses are behind him, hoping he does a good job!