The Houston Texans continued to live the dream late Saturday night in Foxborough, playing the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Houston had an opportunity to be the first team to be able to host a Super Bowl in their home stadium. The Super Bowl this year is in Houston, and against some pretty big odds, the Texans kept those hopes alive.

The Patriots, led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, and running back Dion Lewis, put those hopes to rest with a score of 34-16. Lewis ran for a touchdown, caught a Brady pass for a touchdown, and he ran a kick-off back 98 yards for a touchdown.

Brady, on the other hand, was human. His stats were average at best, including two uncharacteristic interceptions, but he was good enough when he had to be.

Competitive game going in?

This game was picked as the worst game of the NFL Playoff weekend. The Patriots were 15 point favorites going in, the biggest playoff spread in decades. That may end up being true, but this game was not a blowout, as the score indicates. The first quarter belonged to the Patriots 14-3. Last week the Texans eliminated the Oakland Raiders in a game much like this one.

The Texans started the game three-and-out with a punt, the Patriots did the same. Houston then did it again before Brady passed to Lewis for the Patriots first touchdown.

Houston quarterback Brock Osweiler took the Texans on a 77 yard touchdown drive, taking eight minutes off the clock to make the score 7-3. Lewis then took less than 15 seconds to return the ensuing kickoff 98 yards to make the score 14-3.

Texans felt hopeful

The second quarter had some Texan fans feeling hopeful. Both teams added field goals during the quarter, but more importantly, Brady threw an interception.

Houston (having the number one defense in the NFL this season) made a habit of changing games with plays similar to that play. Osweiler showed flashes of why the Texans signed him in the off-season, by leading the Texans to a touchdown.

The Patriots took a 17-13 lead to the locker room at half time, and the Texans had to feel good about their chances.

Brady looked human, the Texan defense was playing well, if only the offense continued to play above average in the second half, the Texans had to feel they had a chance.

Brady comes through again

Brady played more Brady-like in the second half, and Osweiler played like he has this season: looking good one minute, looking lost the next. In the end, the 15-2 Patriots move on to next week. The Texans had a good season, going 9-8, but that season ended in Foxborough. The Brady-led Patriots could (and probably should) see Houston again this season when they reach the Super Bowl.