Cigarette smoking has increasingly become a socially accepted vice

Despite the health risks and issues that it may bring, thetobacco industry plays a big part in a country’s economy-- that is why it would be close to impossible to shut down these products. For people who are trying to quit, it would be really hard for them to give up the vice since cigarettes are very accessible and they are available everywhere. They really need to exert a conscious effort if they are dead serious in stopping their cigarette smoking ways. Fortunately, there are already modern ways that can help them quit despite having the distractions of having easy to purchase cigarettes all around them.


This is a very effective method because it involves a psychological approach unlike the traditional methods wherein the road to quitting consists of methods that you basically have heard of before. Clinical hypnosis has already been accepted to treat psychological and physical problems which make sense when used against habitual smoking. The hypnosis method is not just a one-time approach. It is very scientific and there are a lot of mini-processes involved in order to complete the entire method. A system is being followed usually facilitated under the supervision of experts who are already adept in it.

Hypnotherapist can use graphic descriptions

During hypnosis the patient is filled with negative thoughts on cigarette smoking along with the side effects that it can give to one’s health.

For example, a hypnotherapist can use graphic descriptions on how the lungs of a smoker look like and compare it to the healthy lungs of a non-smoker. This simple yet very effective process will leave a negative imprint on the mind of the patient that will eventually take an effect later on. The psychological aspect of the entire method is very crucial and at the same time powerful as most hypnotherapists follow three main ideas that they focus on.

The following are:

  1. Smoking slowly kills the body.
  2. You need your body to live.
  3. It is your responsibility to take care of your body.

All of the processes involved in clinical hypnosis address these ideas in one way or another. However, keep in mind that hypnosis cannot be for everyone. Only 7 out of 10 people can be cured of their cigarette smoking by hypnosis.

This is because the intensity of hypnosis may vary from one person to another. There are other practices and factors involved that may contribute to the success or failure of hypnosis for cigarette smoking. Even though there have already been numerous success stories that we have heard out of hypnosis curing smoking problems, there are also a handful of failed ones and researchers are still looking for the right answers in order to point out the main factors on why the treatment failed. So far, I am convinced by the power of hypnosis since I am one of those who have finally quit smoking due to this treatment.