To get an answer, you must ask the question. To inform, you must tell the whole story. Smokers trying to quit are looking for answers about vapor products and may be confused -- and that may be by design. In a recent "meta-analysis," A professor in California looked at studies "of other studies" of vapers to "analyze" them and the results in one fell swoop, reporting in his findings that vaping products do not work to help smokers quit smoking. His conclusions are questionable at best. Recently in London, there were more false claims and bias on vaping products.

Last year, 7,238 people from 72 countries participated in the "Vaping Truth Survey." The survey (promoted and conducted on Twitter and Facebook) brought a stunning amount of information from the real experts, vapers themselves. Some answers to the question "How long did you try vaping before you quit smoking?" are below. According to the survey, 2% said it did not work (123 of 7,238 total participants in the survey).

Real world results:

What were the results reported by the participants that had success? 42% stopped smoking with an e-cigarette within one day of trying, 75% stopped smoking within a month:

  • I played around with cigalikes. Once I got a vape pen, I didn't need to smoke. I didn't want to smoke. I haven't smoked since
  • I bought a cig-alike to see what the gimmick was with it, and found out that the flavors made vaping enjoyable. I quit smoking without trying because I enjoyed the e-cig so much more!
  • After picking up my device, it took me maybe a week or two to search for flavors that I liked in order for me to not pick up a cigarette

Some took longer than a month:

  • Smoking just faded away as I found better equipment and flavors. I eventually found a few flavors that I enjoyed so much that they were preferable to a cigarette. It was a couple of months before I realized I was always choosing the vape instead
  • I started with a cigalike and a beginner's kit. Switching to a better device did the trick for me after 3 months

  • I used both for about a year, It was only when I discovered a more effective e-cig (i.e. not the type that resemble real cigarettes) that I was able to leave the real ones alone completely

Dual use -- where the participant still uses tobacco and vapes, was at 12%.

  • Still vape and smoke occasionally

  • In the time I smoked and vaped, I smoked much less cigarettes

  • I was a dual user vaping 98% of the time and rarely smoking in the past 4 1/2 yrs. I totally quit in August 2013

  • I still smoke occasionally but I want to quit completely

The importance of a smoker finding truthful information when considering a vapor product was the goal of the survey, good or bad.Participants from this survey want you to know they work, regardless of the dedicated attacks against vaping from those in "authority." If you're in doubt about switching to e-cigarettes, ask someone you know who uses them.