Technology keeps changing. Every year, a new phone comes on the market. The core processors change every year as well. It’s hard to keep track of the features as new technology comes on the market. To help you with one of this year’s newest products, let us explore the features of Apple’s A10 Fusion Quad Core Processor.

Big little

Technology companies came up with a solution to let large and small CPU clusters talk with each other. The critics were not sure whether the solution would work. Now, Apple has come out with its own version of allowing large and small clusters talk with each other.

The A10 will combine two high performance cores with 40 percent better performance over the A9. Two high-efficiency cores draw one-fifth the power of the A10’s high-end chips. The controller that manages these workloads is a custom Apple silicon.

High performance

The new processor is designed with gaming in mind. It can handle more intensive tasks, such as video editing and gaming. The chip includes other two processors that are considered highly efficient. They perform their duties at a fifth of the power the other pair does. An Apple-designed performance controller decides which cores should execute specific processes.

Long battery

The new system uses less battery, which means you get longer life of your phone or computer.

Apple claims the new processor allows for the longest battery life it has ever had. This gives you longer endurance for your projects.

Better graphics

Apple says that the new processor will deliver 50 percent more performance for graphics than A9 and 240 times more performance than the original iPhone. However, critics aren’t sure that these claims are true.

The comparison seems to be against the iPhone 6s instead of the 6s Plus.

Brighter screens

You will see more on your phone with 25 percent more brightness. However, many people would consider this a disadvantage. Still, bright screens will make the icons and numbers easy to see at night.

The chip allows phone users to get a better experience.

For example, the new iPhone has several features previous phones had. Apple redesigned it and improved its performance. Even though the engineers didn’t change the shape or size, they created glossy and matte black options to be available. The handset is now IP67-certified, making it water-resistant. On its back, the new camera features optical image stabilization, wider aperture of F1.8 and a quad LED TrueTone flash for better low-light performance.

To determine whether the new A10 Fusion chip will live up to the hype, you have to try the phone. Critics will be watching to see what happens, but according to the early buzz, the new chip looks like it will address many issues that previous phones had to fight. The value of the new phone is sure to be worth the money spent. You can be sure you will benefit from the new Apple A10 Fusion chip.