The study of long term effects of e-cigarettes and the use of vaping products is gaining momentum for those who are concerned about their health. In a six month study conducted by Dr. R. Cranfield from March to August of 2015, his research showed a 96% reduction in adverse health problems by users ofthree or more years. Conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma improved by 61.8% of those diagnosed with those health issues while they smoked. There were only 10 users who had never smoked in the study, and none reported any adverse health events before or after use.

Success with vaping products

Cranfield explains that using e-cigarette products to quit smoking show a minimum of 52% success rate at three or more years, where over-the-counter stop smoking products are at a seven to eight percent success rate at sixmonths.That equals "7 to 8 times greater" success with e-cigarettes. He went on to say one participant had "onset of diabetes" and one reported a respiratory issue. In his conclusion he stated more research should be done to determine risks, if any, of these products. He also noted the health effects of vaping products were "pronounced and very positive" with the reduced or resolutions of long term health issues reported by the users.

Public Health Responsibility

Users of e-cigarettes around the world are still being met with extreme resistance and denial by most health groups and politicians.The inability to determine less harm from the effects of vaping products by alleged "experts" has been staggering. Instead of recognizing what e-cigarette users are saying, they are being met with proposals of regulation and vehement opposition.

In this act of defiance, they are creating an illusion to generate revenue in the form of taxes and directly or indirectly are supporting tobacco use. The standard claim used by many public health and politicians alike is "we don't know enough" about the long term health issues associate withe-cigarette use. Now they have a reference point with Cranfield'sstudy.

A documentary film

There is a documentary film called "A Billion Lives" about e-cigarettes, vaping and the consumer revolution they have created. This film will explain how health officials and politicians are concealing and ignoring facts, creating false statements to the public and what effect those actions have on the world to reduce tobacco use. The film will premiere May 11 at the Doc Edge international documentary film festival in New Zealand.