Concealing motives to deceive the pubic about benefits of e-cigarettes has been nothing short of monumental. With their fiscal security in mind, organizations have weighed your options for you. Why? They have a vested interests in funding. The organization "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids" was founded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and the American Medical Association. The RWFJ was founded by the drug giant Johnson & Johnson in 1972 as a not-for-profit foundation. According to Wikipedia, it has "$9.2 billion in assets, generating grants approaching $400 million a year." Johnson & Johnson are makers of smoking cessation products.

The litmus test

Campaigns against switching to e-cigarettes have not been about public health. The litmus test is "a test in which a single factor (less tobacco use in this case) is decisive" and has not been employed by the organizations "trusted" to relay proper information to consumers. They not only have ignored the Royal College of Physicians statement that e-cigarettes have approximately 5% of the risk of tobacco, they have deceived the public saying they "don't know enough". Shouldn't they know everything before they relay information? Isn't that their full-time job? Tobacco Free Kids, along with other anti-tobacco organizations, have a vested interest in grants and funding from the sales of tobacco.

They also have an interest in cessation drugs, and drugs to treat smoking-related disease. This is blatant and substantial conflict of interest against e-cigarettes. The deceitful position to ignore research and the benefit of less tobacco use just one way to keep Americans smoking and funding coming their way.

Answer the question

The Food and Drug Administration has decided to reclassify and regulate nicotine and vaping products as tobacco. The question: "Any comment on health implications of deceiving smokers with regs of #ecigsas "tobacco products?" has been posed on Twitter multiple times to these groups and their leaders.

To The American Lung Association and its President, Harold Wimmer:

To government health officials like Dr.

Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and the Surgeon General of the United States:

No response was given to any of the questions on Twitter.

The price

With the FDA regulations set in motion, the time has come to question those who, instead of serving public health, have deceived the public with bias. If the purpose of these organizations and government health officials was simply to reduce tobacco use in the United States, there would be no need to reclassify nicotine as tobacco. There is no organization in the United States endorsing e-cigarettes, including the Centers for Disease Control, who has actively campaigned against them. There are many questions to be asked.

To deceive the public on such a grand scale and to ignore science and research is nothing less than intent to harm. They have ulterior motive, and that motive will come at a price to those who might have otherwise switched to e-cigarettes. Explaining themselves to the American public about their deceit may become a full-time job.