The film A Billion Lives is set to expose conflicts of interest and other reasons behind the attacks government and health professionals have waged globally against vaping. Vaping products are a tool smokers are choosing to successfully reduce or stop smoking (something holdouts in health and government don't want you to know). Film director Aaron Biebert does, and he wants you to know why. Biebert and the production company (Attention Era Media) have taken on the tireless responsibility of exposing corruption with their independent film. While Beibert does not vape or smoke, the team are exposing clear dedication by organizations, health associations, and governments attacking vaping products in their upcoming film scheduled to be released later this year.

Conflict of interest

According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), a billion lives will be lost by the end of this century from smoking related deaths. According to Public Health England, "e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco and they can help smokers to quit." Tactics exposed in this upcoming film include claims of dangerous chemicals -- much less than what is found in cigarettes. They claim vaping causes gateways for youth, yet according to reports, youth smoking rates are steadily declining worldwide. Governments and health officials expertise are in question, making the audacious claim that "they don't know enough," another of the tactics found unacceptable by consumers.

The film will expose the reasons behind these attacks on vaping products by so many in health and government, including interviews from top tobacco control and health experts who are quickly countering the attacks against vaping. Smoking is a business, and vaping is interrupting many aspects of "business" worldwide.

  • Vaping is disrupting tax revenue from cigarette sales lost to vaping.
  • Vaping is causing a drop in pharmaceutical sales of less effective nicotine replacement products and drugs designed to treat the diseases caused by smoking.
  • Vaping is disrupting funding to government "sponsored" quit smoking associations and organizations.

Unstoppable passion

The attacks against vaping by many in health and government has consumers who have stopped smoking see this film as their voice, and they're passionate.

Thinking it was a tobacco product, Facebook banned ads for a short time, censoring any effort to get their film out to the masses. This spurred a petition and further dedication and passion with followers joining the filmmakers in the fight. Facebook reversed their decision. Clearly motivated by this films message before it has been released, Shannon, a fan from Texas, has so much passion for this film and cause, she chose to get a tattoo of the Twitter hashtag, #ABillionLives.

Along with the scandalous attacks against vaping by health and government being brought to light, messages like "Without truth and the right to choose healthier options for ourselves, we are not truly free" and "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds" are just some of what you'll see and hear in this upcoming film. Vapers are calling this the most anticipated film ever, and they (and the makers of this film) want you to know:

You are being lied to: