I saw the ad as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor

It had all the signs of taking off. A new "News and entertainment" site placed a craigslist advertisement for writers. A big break! I was about to be discovered, or so I thought. I submitted my email application to the editor at Newsaratti and the required clips. I was applying for a sportswriter position - my dream job. I had written about sports a little before but this time, I was going to go for it, follow the dream. I included with my application an original 500-word piece on my favorite team, the New York Giants.

I clicked send and sat staring at the screen. It was beyond my control now.

Days went by and nothing. I was convinced that, once again, I hadn't made the cut. But four days later it came: "You've been selected." I was a sports writer. I was thrilled.

And it didn't stop there, within days there was a call for a series. One story every month on something we were "passionate" about. I pitched. I got in.

The work is good enough, but I was going to get paid. Five cents a wordfor most pieces, but up to thirty was available. The big times. Okay, not the big times but the better than penny-per-word times.

That was in December. I haven't gotten a single dollar in my paypal account yet.

I wrote. I submitted.

I wrote. I submitted. Nearly one hundred articles, all approved.

Money woes

It began with a story about website coding failure and staff issues. Understandable delays. Then we'd be paid by the following Friday. Not unreasonable. Then we needed to submit an invoice. Okay, I submitted. Another week went by. No money. No answer.

Then we were told to submit an invoice by PayPal. Okay,I submitted. and another week went by. Every payday we received excuses instead of payment.

We're supposed to be paid by Monday. Tomorrow. I'm not expecting it, but I am hanging around to hear the newest excuse.

It's easy to get misled. It can happen to all of us.But maybe the next time I will ask a few more questions and get it in writing before I give away all my work.

And If I get any money you will be the first to know.