The two Celebrities Dr. Jill Biden and Prince Harry, came together via a Zoom conference to honor wounded service members scheduled to participate in the Warrior Games. The venue was postponed due to concerns over Coronavirus and strict safety measures to prevent infection. On occasion, Harry spoke highly of the service members. He mentioned about his Paralympic-style Invictus Games was similar to Warrior Games.

The People quoted Harry saying: "These games are so important, whether it's the Warrior Games or the Invictus Games.” He explained it was all about service both at home and overseas.

The games reveal the physical and mental fitness of members and their sacrifices. Harry added these members inspired others and showed them the way ahead. They were leaders in every aspect. Harry is a war veteran with a couple of stints in Afghanistan in the British army. He was present at the Warrior Games in Colorado in 2013. Next year, he launched his own version of the same in London and called it the Invictus Games. Prince Harry announced the venue of Invictus Games 2022 as Dusseldorf in Germany.

In 2016, Jill Biden attended the Invictus Games of Harry in Orlando

The First Lady supports the adaptive sporting community through Joining Forces. This is an initiative of the White House, and it intends to extend support to those associated with the military.

These include their families, caregivers, and survivors. In 2016, she attended the Invictus Games of Prince Harry. Its venue was Orlando. Subsequently, she and her husband Joe Biden were present at the Invictus Games in Toronto the following year. The People adds that Dr. Jill Biden recalled the first time she met during the current virtual event.

It was at the inaugural Invictus Games. She showered praise on Harry for dedicating himself to "lifting service members from around the globe." It was in 2010 that the Warrior Games started. Its purpose was to celebrate the war veterans of the U.S. military who suffered injuries or fell ill during active duties. Prince Harry flew Apache helicopters during his tenure in Afghanistan and had to fly to ensure his flying license remained current.

Harry praises U.S. military veteran athletes

Prince Harry spoke at a “Virtual Event to Honor Warrior Games Athletes.” Others at the event included US First Lady Dr. Jill Biden along with other dignitaries. Harry used the occasion to praise the US military veteran athletes of the annual Warrior Games. Coronavirus concerns led to the cancellation of the Games in Orlando, Florida. While addressing the probable competitors, Harry expressed his “immense gratitude” for their service. He himself was in the military and saw live-action during his stint in Afghanistan. It was easy for him to relate to their feelings. It was in the Invictus Games 2017, and the world saw Meghan Markle for the first time.

Harry founded the Invictus Games in 2014

Prince Harry served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

It was in 2014 that he founded the Invictus Games. The purpose was to uplift the morale of war veterans. He drew inspiration from the Warrior Games. In his words: “The Invictus Games never would have been created had I not been inspired by every single one of you.” Dr. Jill Biden expressed her thanks to Prince Harry for his continued support of the Warrior Games. She said: “It’s a philosophy not limited by the flag you wear.” Harry has always tried to be different. He stepped down from royal duties and relocated to America with his wife Meghan Markle, Archie, and Lilibet.