The West Coast gets ready to face another record-setting heatwave. Temperatures could reach up to 117 degrees. Soon after June, it was declared the hottest month on record in North America, as revealed by Daily Mail U.K. The heat took more than 200 lives in Oregon and Washington State, and the spate of wildfires continued. Certain areas in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia had to battle temperatures of up to 115 degrees. The heat dried up sources of water and resulted in a drought that is harmful to agriculture. At times, even the wells become redundant, and there is a premium on drinking water.

A forecaster of the National Weather Service NWS cautioned that the heatwave this weekend could be even hotter. This would be especially true for portions of California. The prediction for Death Valley is a possible 130 degrees this Sunday. Daily Mail U.K. says temperatures at night could also be on the higher side. That, in turn, could give rise to heat-related illnesses. Such heatwave conditions reflect the aftereffects of global warming. It is the result of the world’s inability to ensure a cool environment. The heatwave across western parts of the United States sends people hurrying for cover.

Wildfires linked to the heatwave

Lightning sparked two wildfires, and hundreds of firefighters descended to control the situation.

They had aerial support. These fires happened on the edge of the Plumas National Forest in the northern Sierra Nevada. The authorities issued evacuation orders for campgrounds and homes in the vicinity of Frenchman Lake in California. A large area was isolated due to wildfires. Travel becomes difficult at times like this. Daily Mail U.K.

adds that the California Office of Emergency Services feels the state is in the grip of serious Climate changes. The results are a rise in temperatures, droughts, and wildfires. An official says: “We believe that California is very clearly experiencing the impacts of a changing environment.” He is deputy director Brian Ferguson.

He mentions never-before-seen drought conditions, which is an indication of climate change. The office is offering cooling centers throughout the state. Those who do not have air conditioning will welcome this gesture. This season Canada witnessed more than 230 heatwave deaths.

The heatwave could bring triple-digit temperatures

According to Los Angeles Times, California would have to come to terms with a heatwave over the next few days. Forecasters warn about dangerous conditions coupled with temperatures in triple digits in many places. The NWS has issued warnings of excessive heat in locations across Southern California. Regions like the Apple and Lucerne valleys could experience temperatures of up to 120 degrees by the weekend.

Incidentally, New York City asked its people to conserve electricity because of the ongoing heatwave. This is to ensure that the supply network is not overburdened. Those who have more than one air conditioner were advised to consider using only one.

The danger of fire from dry vegetation because of the heatwave

Los Angeles Times says temperatures in coastal regions could hover below 80 degrees. However, the L.A. Basin could be near the 100 degrees mark, while in desert areas, temperatures could be around 100 to 112 degrees. The combination of dry vegetation and scanty rainfall is a recipe for disasters like fires. These destroy the environment and end up with the loss of habitat for wildlife and, at times, people.

A meteorologist attached to the NWS explains: “Vegetation is very dry on the hillsides because we’ve had two dry years in a row.” Firefighters have been busy fighting fires, with Northern California being the worst hit.