The building was a condo complex identified as Champlain Towers South. It was built in 1981 and is located near a beach in the oceanfront community of several thousand people. The building was undergoing inspection. This is a requirement for it to obtain 40-year recertification. The process is a lengthy one that goes on for about a year. There is another building nearby built at around the same time. It is Champlain Towers North. Some portions of the former collapsed and left four people dead, while more than 150 are reported to be missing. Rescue teams are at the site searching for those who have survived.

The teams have sonar equipment with them to locate the survivors.

NBC News reports that an official of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue informed more than half of the building came down in a heap at about 1:30 a.m. By afternoon, it was possible to rescue some people from the debris. Most of them would have lost their belongings and would have to make a fresh start. While interacting with the media, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County said 159 people remain unaccounted for.

Finding answers for the building collapse would take time

In the course of a TV show, the mayor said the search would continue. It seems some of the residents managed to escape, but others were not so lucky. They have disappeared and could be among the rubble.

Rescuers are alert to any form of sound coming from the debris because those could be from trapped people. NBC News adds that the foreign minister of Paraguay informed that members of the president’s family are among those not traceable. Mario Abdo Benitez is the president of Paraguay, and the missing persons included some of his relatives.

Surfside Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer said the search-and-rescue operation would be a long, drawn-out affair. In the words of Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett: “Buildings just don’t fall down.” The Red Cross is taking action to relocate displaced residents in suitable accommodations, and hospitals are in readiness to rise to the challenge.

Some of the survivors could Travel to relatives or friends for shelter until they get alternative accommodation. Others would have to rely on shelters provided by the authorities. There are many high-rise buildings in America, and they face unique problems.

The multi-story building collapsed into a pile of rubble

The collapse of the 12-story building took the residents by surprise and came as a shock to the authorities. It caught everyone unawares, and Charles Burkett was all praises for the Miami-Dade Fire Department. They risked their lives to locate the trapped persons. More than 80 fire rescue teams were involved, including a specialist team trained in removing victims trapped in hard-to-reach locations.

NBC News adds President Joe Biden spoke with Miami-Dade County Mayor and extended federal assistance and support.

Occupants of the building reflected an international mix

According to ABC News, the Champlain Towers South condominium occupants belonged to Chile, Cuba, Paraguay, and other countries. There were immigrants from South America, Orthodox Jews, and foreign retirees. After the collapse of a portion of the building, the authorities helped family members from other countries get visas to travel to Florida. The missing persons belong to multiple religions and age groups, and the rescue teams have a tough job. It has become a symbol of an international tragedy. A detailed investigation would be necessary to establish the reasons for the sudden collapse of the 12-story building close to the beach.