Until now, migrants from Mexico used to gather at the border searching for asylum in the United States. Every day the immigrants from Central America would cross the river using various modes of transport. Most of them were from Mexico, and their destination would be Texas. However, there is an addition of a new group to this list of asylum seekers. They are Romanians, and their arrival is adding to the problems of the administration. Soon after taking over as president, Joe Biden had hit the "pause" button on the Mexico border wall to halt work.

VOA News reports that when interrogated, the migrants explained they were from Romania. They belong to the Roma ethnic minority and sought asylum in the United States. Their numbers are growing and have added to the problems of the border agents. The number of arrests have mounted. It seems they want to escape from racism in their country, hence are seeking asylum in America. Recently, a whole lot of them crossed the Texas border. They included groups of extended families.

How Romanians arrive at the border

Those from Romania who want to get asylum in the United States usually Travel from Paris to Mexico City as tourists. Visa is not a hurdle for them since they need not be in possession of such a document to gain entry into Mexico.

Subsequently, human traffickers take over and transport them to the U.S. border. This is despite the message "Border is closed" that the Biden administration has sent out to migrants. Former President Donald Trump wanted to build a Mexico Border Wall to prevent illegal immigrants who could harm America. However, that project is shelved.

Acceptance of non-Americans translates into logistics problems for the administration because they have to be housed and given access to medical facilities, education, and employment, etcetera. VOA News provides statistics. In the current year, border patrol officers arrested around 2,200 of them. It has increased over the years, as revealed by official numbers from the U.S.

Customs and Border Protection agency.

Mexico border and people from Romania

An official of Harvard University explains many people left Romania to escape oppression coupled with inferior economic situations. To add to their woes, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation in Europe. The official is Margareta Matache. She is associated with Harvard University. VOA News quotes her saying that immigrants are encouraged by existing U.S. policies and policy proposals. They nurture hopes of a better life in a new environment. She adds they are searching for a life where they do not have to face violence, discrimination, and disrespect. There are Roma people in many countries, and a survey revealed that most of them lived below the national poverty line.

Spike of non-Americans at the Mexico border

According to Axios, there is a spike in the arrival of people at the U.S.-Mexico border from countries beyond Mexico and Central America's Northern Triangle. However, the Mexico border wall has an unpredictable future. Asylum seekers include Romanians, among others. These people face conditions in their home countries that compel them to look for alternatives. Department of Homeland Security reveals the Border Patrol had to deal with more than 33,000 people who tried to cross into the U.S. from nations other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Most of them are adults or families, and very few are unaccompanied children. Obviously, the United States appears to have become the preferred destination of a section of non-Americans.