The subject of gun violence in the United States has been an issue that the government wants to resolve. Despite its best efforts, these keep happening. President Joe Biden views them with concern, and the latest incident in Texas could see some major shift in policy. The shooting happened in a warehouse in Bryan, Texas. It adds to the incidents of gun violence in different parts of the country. In this case, the police believe the gunman acted alone, and there was no accomplice. He is already in police custody.

News AU reports Bryan Chief of Police explained to media reps that the person, an employee of the company, came to its headquarters and unleashed mayhem near the warehouse.

Police arrived at the scene, and one person died at the scene while five more suffered gunshot wounds. The authorities arranged to send them to hospitals, and at least four of them were critical. It seems a trooper who was pursuing the shooter became a target. He suffered gunshot wounds, and his condition is stable.

The motive behind the Texas gun violence

The suspect escaped from the scene, but the police gave chase and captured him from a nearby location. They are trying to establish the motive of the shooting. The company said it was “devastated” by the events at its manufacturing facility in Bryan. News AU adds this shooting comes even as President Joe Biden described gun violence as an “epidemic.” He even mentioned that such incidents harm the image of the country on the global platform.

He wants to unveil plans to tackle the crisis. In his words: “Enough prayers. Time for some action.”

Biden wants to tackle gun violence through executive measures

The Democratic Party has always rooted for strict gun control measures, but that has not happened so far. Biden is now in the chair, and he is keen to prevent such incidents.

News AU mentions that Congress is unable to agree on broad new regulations. One of these pertains to stricter background checks for those who buy the gun. Biden wants to tackle the issue of gun violence through executive measures. He has announced six of these, and he believes that these would help keep the crisis under control.

One of these is to take care of ghost guns. These weapons are built from home kits. The White House says weapons in this category do not have any identification because they do not have any serial number and would be difficult to trace. A second aspect is the use of an arm brace while using pistols. Its classification might change, and it could be subject to stricter control. Last month, there was an incident of gun violence in Atlanta in which 8 people lost their lives. They were mostly women of Asian origin who worked in massage parlors and spas.

Incidents of gun violence must stop

According to CBS News, a suspected gunman went on a shooting rampage in Bryan, Texas. He left one person dead and some more injured.

This is the result when a firearm falls into the wrong hands. Hence, there is a need to define who should have the right to own a gun. It is a weapon designed to kill, and the authorities must ensure that such a weapon is not misused. The shooting happened in Bryan. It is a city located in central Texas and situated about 100 miles northwest of Houston.