Former President Donald Trump walked off a free man cleared of the second impeachment charge because the numbers were with him. CNN quotes Joe Biden saying, "even though there was no conviction, the substance of the charge against Trump "is not in dispute." It was a numbers game and seven Republicans did join with 50 Democrats to convict him. However, they could not arrive at the figure of 67 that was necessary for a conviction.

The impeachment proceedings were because of the unruly incidents of 6 January when people stormed the Capitol. Trump insisted he had won the election and claimed the Democratic Party had resorted to fraudulent practices to win.

There were some reported deaths and video coverage revealed following the scenes of violence. These images from the United States quickly went global. Trump sought to overturn the election results. The trial suggested that his utterings acted as fuel to the simmering fire for his followers.

CNN says the proceedings revealed the power that Donald Trump wields over the Republican Party. It was immaterial what his defense presented because they did not reflect the truth, according to the outlet's report. And, some people feel a lot of fabricating and falsehoods happened.

A technicality saved the day for Donald Trump

The Senate had already voted earlier in the week that the trial was constitutional and former President Donald Trump escaped conviction because he had the numbers.

His second impeachment trial hoped to prove the dangers he posed to his own vice president, lawmakers in his Republican Party, and his opposing Democratic Party apart from innumerable police officers.

CNN adds that during the trial, Democratic House impeachment managers presented video evidence that took many Republican senators by surprise.

These videos revealed how the former President tried to influence his supporters and bring them to his line of thinking. It culminated in the storming of the Capitol on January 6. People beat up members of the law enforcement agencies and they allegedly claimed they were following the instructions of Trump. They apparently wanted to stop the certification of the electoral votes.

Joe Biden took over as the 46th POTUS and Donald Trump left the White House.

Donald Trump described the trial as the greatest witch-hunt

Former President Donald Trump claimed the trial was the greatest "witch-hunt" in the history of the United States. He added, "No president has ever gone through anything like it." CNN makes a mention of Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan who expressed his thoughts. He was himself a potential presidential contender and was proud of those in his party who voted against Trump. He added, "I think the final chapter of Donald Trump and where the Republican Party goes hasn't been written yet.” Joe Biden had wanted a short impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Acquittal of Donald Trump for his alleged role of inciting violence

According to ABC News, a majority of senators voted to convict former president Donald Trump for his alleged role of inciting the deadly violence that took some lives. Those who wanted conviction were unable to reach the super majority threshold required. It was the second impeachment trial for him and the verdict was an acquittal. This was because the numbers fell short. A total of 57 senators voted to convict Trump, and 43 senators voted to acquit. That did not add up to the two-thirds of the Senate majority necessary for conviction. In any case, this trial cements Trump's place in the annals of history as the only president of the United States to be impeached twice.