The entry of asylum seekers from Mexico into the United States is a major issue. Former President Donald Trump wanted to end the practice. He began to build a border wall that would act as a deterrent to illegal immigrants. He felt they were a threat to Americans and issued orders. His administration introduced restrictive practices at the border.

Thousands of asylum seekers had to return to Mexico under the “Remain in Mexico” program. It was a part of the Migrant Protection Protocols of the Trump administration. Biden has revoked that order, and his administration has decided to process the cases on priority.

Those who seek asylum have to follow a procedure related to COVID-19 testing for entry.

Los Angeles Times says Tijuana is where the action is. A plaza just outside one of the entry points is transformed into a hub for asylum seekers. They want an opportunity to get refuge in the United States. Temporary shelters in the form of tents keep springing up as the occupants wait for their chance to cross over to America after completing formalities. Incidentally, one portion of the entry point was out-of-bounds during the pandemic. The once-bustling location wore a deserted look until last week. Once the Biden administration announced it would begin processing certain asylum seekers' cases, people are hopeful.

Asylum seekers curious to know about changes to border policies

Many of those who arrive at the border are asylum seekers curious to know about border policy changes. One of them, a woman from Honduras, said she does not mind waiting for any length of time to enter the United States. She is one of those people who believe there are many options available on the other side of the border to help them lead a better life.

Los Angeles Times adds volunteers have begun to serve free meals. A legal services organization has also arranged to help asylum seekers get familiar with the recent changes. Those who have assembled at the border want proper guidance, direction, and a plan. They want safety and refuge.

Officials tell asylum seekers that the process will take time

Los Angeles Times quotes the Department of Homeland Security official saying - “It is important to underscore that this process will take time.” He mentions that asylum seekers need to register virtually. That way, they can check their eligibility for processing under this program. His advice is to them is to desist from making the perilous journey to the border. However, many of them feel waiting outside the port of entry is their only hope. A woman had tried to cross over illegally into the United States. She had her two children with her. The officials at the border fingerprinted her and her teenage daughter and brought them back to Tijuana.

She had fled from her country in 2019, unable to bear the ill-treatment her husband meted out to her. She feared for her life. There are others like her.

Biden recasts immigration policies for asylum-seekers

According to VOA News, during his campaign, Joe Biden pledged to rescind Trump's immigration policy, known as the Migrant Protection Protocols MPP. Biden has kept his word, and twenty-five asylum-seekers have entered the United States. They belong to Central America, and the previous authorities had sent them back across the border into Mexico pending court hearings. Most of them returned home, but some stayed on in Mexico. They are hopeful of a positive outcome. The Biden administration, on its part, is treading carefully in its efforts to process asylum-seekers.

Officials believe they could process 300 people per day at two of the ports. The fact remains that COVID-related immigration court closures and existing backlogs might lead to delays in processing many cases. In September 2017, a report revealed asylum seekers prefer Canada to America.