Canada is faced with an influx of Asylum Seekers from different corners of the world. These persons believe this country will be a better option compared to the United States which may not accept them in their fold. These persons hail from Haiti and countries in Africa.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police came across nearly 3,000 asylum seekers at one of the illicit crossings in July. This figure was nearly four times the number of the previous month and the figure for the first two weeks of August was more than 3,700. The trend appears to be dropping but these new entrants have put Canada’s immigration and refugee services mechanism under considerable strain.

Canada is dealing with the problem

Los Angeles Times reports that Canada’s immigration machinery is strained and officials have to locate suitable shelters to house the asylum seekers. Apart from tents at the border they have installed sleeping provisions at the Montreal Olympic stadium and created temporary shelters by converting schools, conference halls and an abandoned hospital.

In the opinion of the police, the increase in illegal crossings coincided with the timing of the United States election in November. In view of the tough stand taken by America against illegal immigrants, a section of asylum seekers felt Canada would be a safer bet. The travel ban imposed on six predominantly Muslim countries added to the problem.

However, people of Haiti made up the majority of arrivals.

Their problem is unique. The U.S. had given “temporary protected status” to nearly 58,000 previously undocumented Haitians. They were victims of a 2010 earthquake that devastated their island and America gave them permission to live legally in the U.S. However, Homeland Security has now indicated that the special reprieve is extended to Jan.

22, 2018 and those who had availed the benefit must now go back to Haiti but, they preferred to go to Canada.

They enter through illegal crossings

Asylum seekers have adopted a strategy of their own. They usually try to enter through illegal crossing points on the US-Canada border so that they can get arrested. The logic may seem to be strange but if they go to an official port of entry and seek asylum, it will be refused and they will be told to apply in the United States.

If they opt for arrest and then apply for asylum they stand a better chance provided they do not have any criminal record.

It is a difficult life for those who seek asylum in other countries. They are forced out of their homes due to circumstances beyond their control and have to begin life anew. The reasons could be natural disasters or violence that compel them to embrace lifestyle changes and it is the duty of others to make them feel wanted.