New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo warned through advertisements that thousands of people could die from Coronavirus (Covid-19) in New York if more effective measures are not taken.

Cuomo made the statement after hearing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio say the city has medical supplies for just another week.

According to a publication in the New York Times this Sunday (March 29), there was an increase of 237 deaths from coronavirus (Covid-19) in the state, the largest in a day since the outbreak of the virus began.

In Cuomo's projections, the crisis facing New York is expected to get even worse in the coming days.

For the governor, it is impossible to analyze the latest figures without seeing thousands of people die.

New York Covid-19 cases increase 7,200 in just one day

According to the latest update, New York confirmed an increase of 7,200 cases of Covid-19 in just one day. With the new data, the state totals 59,513 cases this Sunday.

According to the New York Times, approximately 8,500 people are hospitalized because of the coronavirus, representing a 16% increase from Saturday to Sunday.

Among those hospitalized, 2,037 are in intensive care units, all equipped with ventilators.

Cuomo commented on people's despair over the pandemic that has claimed thousands of victims in several countries. "When will this end?" Said the governor, referring to the most common question from the population.

New York workers must stay home until April 15

Among Governor Cuomo's recommendations to slow the spread of the coronavirus is to follow the quarantine imposed by the state. According to him, non-essential workers should stay at home until April 15.

Cuomo also requested that public and private hospitals work together across the state.

He commented that there is an artificial wall between the two systems at this time.

According to the NYTimes, "This wall has to fall," said the governor, calling for the union of public and private hospitals to face the coronavirus crisis.

Union to beat the pandemic in New York

In addition to the efforts of government officials, many health professionals, most of whom are retired, have shown a willingness to work in hospitals, should the situation worsen further.

Among the various ways to collaborate to reduce the spread of the coronavirus is the cancellation of any non-essential domestic travel for up to 14 days.

Amid the growth in the number of people infected, there are positive cases of recovery, such as a Westchester County resident who was treated and discharged. It is the second case of cure and New York Blasio's mayor is also looking for other ways to alleviate the problem. He requested President Donald Trump to send more doctors, in addition to military and civilian nurses from across the United States.