While it is discussed whether the Brazilians should stay at home fulfilling the quarantine or return to work, Brazil registers 114 deaths from Coronavirus (Covid-19).

As of March 28, 2020, the number of confirmed cases reaches 3,904, according to Worldometers.info but health experts say that many people may still be infected with the new coronavirus.

Following examples from several other countries affected by the pandemic, such as China, Italy, and Spain, Brazilians are also isolated in their homes fulfilling the quarantine period determined by their leaders.

In the last week, a great debate took over Brazil after a speech by President Jair Bolsonaro on radio and television. He said that the country cannot stop and that everyone should return to work and live their lives normally, protecting only people in risk groups such as those over 60 and those with chronic diseases.

Bolsonaro's statements echoed in Brazil's social networks and generated a heated debate between the president and some governors, such as São Paulo governor João Doria.

While the president argues that healthy people need to go back to work in order not to compromise the country's economy with the closing of companies and the increase in the number of unemployed, opposition political leaders argue that leaving the forties is risky and may increase the number of cases of people infected with Covid-19.

Brazil is a country divided concerning the coronavirus

Brazil is a politically divided country.

Since the election of Jair Bolsonaro, the clash between supporters of the right and left in the country has increased, and concerning the coronavirus quarantine, it is no different.

According to Bolsonaro, who tries to follow the style of Donald Trump in some situations when it comes to governance, the economy cannot be treated with contempt because the situation could be much worse than the coronavirus pandemic when the health crisis ends.

Opposition leaders such as ex-candidate for president Ciro Gomes and ex-president Lula da Silva, argue that in the first place it is necessary to save the lives of Brazilians and then think about taking care of the economy.

Government of Brazil promises financial aid during the coronavirus crisis

With the closure of most companies in the quarantine period and thousands of self-employed professionals without income, the government decided, together with the parliament, to allocate a financial aid of BRL 600 for three months to all citizens registered in the social programs and self-employed professionals who have no other form of income in this period.

The aid should be released within two weeks after approval by the Federal Senate, which is expected to occur in the coming days.