Veteran actor Mark Blum passed away from the coronavirus on March 26. He was highly regarded for his roles in "Desperately Seeking Susan" and "Crocodile Dundee." In addition, Mark was well-known for his work with "Law & Order," "Us," and "Succession." Mark Blum was 69 years old making him one of the many older people that have died from COVID-19. Mark Blum was well-known for his role as Gary Glass on "Desperately Seeking Susan."

COVID-19 continues to be a virus that is negatively impacting countries across the globe. Many are hoping that this pandemic will be ending soon and that a vaccine will be put in place to protect individuals.

Mayors, individuals, and doctors are working hard every day to reduce the harm caused by the virus.

Individuals are encouraged to follow the regulations that have been put in place such as only going out if it is absolutely necessary. In addition, to wash, and sanitize on a consistent basis. This virus has created a lot of anxiety for individuals and people can't help but panic with so much that is still unknown. But it has been advised to try and stay calm. It may be stormy now but this rain will not last forever.

Mark Blum and Madonna

When singer Madonna found out the horrible news about her friend and co-star, she mentioned how difficult and heartbreaking this has been for her. In addition, how her condolences go out to Mark's family as well as loved ones.

For those who don't already know Madonna was his "Desperately Seeking Susan" co-star. Madonna fondly remembers him as comical, caring, and accomplished when they worked together. This dates all the way back to the year 1985. It is clear that Madonna vividly remembers the time that they shared together as friends and co-stars.

Mark Blum was, evidently, active in the Screen Actors Guild. He will be dearly missed, not only by his co-star and friends but also by his fans.

It is a difficult tragedy for the SAG-AFTRA family. Mark Blum was the type of guy that was an inspiration and role model to people. In addition, the executive vice president of the New York local Rebecca Damon praised Mark Blum for the talented actor he was.

A Talented Individual

Those individuals that had the opportunity to know him will forever have fond memories of the talented actor. Mark will always be remembered as an intelligent individual, a comical guy, and a talented actor. Blum had quite an impressive resume. Among his many projects he also had TV credits on "Frasier," "NYPD Blue" and "Law & Order."