The first primary of the Democrats in South Carolina for the 2020 race to the White House has brought up a new frontrunner. He is Joe Biden of the Democratic Party, the former vice-president, who leads the race. He overtook Bernie Sanders by a sizeable margin. At the end of the voting, Pete Buttigieg announced the end of his campaign to get nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate. He failed to impress influential minority voting blocs in Nevada and South Carolina and realized he did not have much of a chance. Hence, he decided to make way for someone more suitable.

Speaking to supporters in South Bend on Sunday night, he said, “Our goal has always been to unify Americans to help defeat Donald Trump and to win the era for our values.” Amy Klobuchar the senator from Minnesota senator has not opted out yet. She remains in the race and could take a call after her state votes on Tuesday.

The Guardian says Joe Biden could take this opportunity to win the support of the Buttigieg camp. A section of Democrats feel Sanders might not be in a position to unseat Donald Trump in November.

They feel someone else could be better placed to win back the White House. The next important date on the calendar is Super Tuesday, 3 March. While interacting with a section of the media, Biden admitted that the field is quite open. He added that he had not discussed the future scenario with any other candidate. He did make a mention of Sanders.

His words were: “I think everyone knows it’s going to be much more difficult to win back the Senate and keep control of the House if Bernie’s at the top of the ticket.”

Shake up among the Democratic Party hopefuls

According to CNBC, Democratic Party contender Pete Buttigieg (38) quit the 2020 presidential primary race. The little-known mayor from South Bend, Indiana, had served as mayor for two terms.

He had taken on stalwarts in a bid to win the nomination of his party. He wanted to contest the 2020 election to the White House and proved his mettle when he scored a narrow victory over Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses. Pete also impressed in the New Hampshire primary where he finished a strong second place. However, he stumbled when it came to getting the support of black and other minority voters. That is when his campaign lost its momentum and he ultimately surrendered to the inevitable.

Uncertainties for the Democratic Party

CNBC adds former Vice President Joe Biden won a resounding victory in the South Carolina primary and returned to form to re-energize his campaign. It was a great improvement over the earlier contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

His victory saw some donors switch allegiance from Buttigieg to Biden. Bernie Sanders was inching ahead in the Democratic Party race, but he suffered a setback. The next vital step is the Super Tuesday contests. There will be pressure on some of the candidates who are under-performing. Two women are still in the race. They are Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

The Democratic Party waits for its nominee

The election process is on in the United States to know who will become the 46th President. This time there were more than a dozen candidates from the Democratic Party when the race began. Some of the hopefuls were old hands at the game and some were newcomers.

There were also a few women and there was speculation about the possibilities of one of them becoming the first woman President of America. However, many of them have left the race and there is still no clear indication of who will finally face Donald Trump. At present, the two top contenders are former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. A clearer picture could emerge after the Super Tuesday contests on 3 March, which are a few days away.