The mother of missing baby Evelyn Boswell says that she can't take a polygraph test to prove her story and the reason why is interesting. Megan Boswell is claiming that she is now pregnant and that this is why she won't be able to take a lie detector test. This is just another wild update in a case that is attracting more media attention with each day that passes. Meanwhile, baby Evelyn still hasn't been found.

Megan Boswell's suspicious behavior doesn't look good

The mother of the missing baby is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In fact, she's being compared to infamous "Tot Mom," Casey Anthony.

She waited approximately two months to report her infant missing and has made claims that she knows who took her daughter but still didn't report her disappearance to authorities. It was the child's grandfather who ultimately reported the disappearance, but is it too late?

Furthermore, much of what Boswell has told authorities have left them empty-handed as far as evidence goes. She told police that her mother took the baby, but when police searched the area where she claims the baby was taken, nothing was found. The mother of the missing baby blames her family's "gypsy" culture on the disappearance of Evelyn and has spoken out against claims that her family is part of some kind of cult. As you can see, this case just keeps getting more bizarre with each statement made by the missing baby's mother.

Police haven't requested a polygraph test

According to WKRN News, Sullivan County Sheriff's Office doesn't use polygraph tests in regards to their investigations. Furthermore, a statement given by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation indicates that Boswell hasn't been scheduled for a polygraph test. So it's unclear if the mother of the missing baby will ever be asked to take one.

At any rate, she's already got her excuse covered by claiming that she is pregnant, and therefore cannot take the test.

The statement made by Megan Boswell will undoubtedly stir suspicion among those who are closely watching this case. On popular sites like Websleuths and other similar social media groups, suspicions are being heavily cast in the direction of the missing infant's mother.

The search for baby Evelyn continues

It's hard to determine where this case is going, but one thing is completely certain: Baby Evelyn is still missing. Police in Sullivan County, TN, and agents with the TBI continue searching for clues around the clock in hopes of locating any shred of evidence behind what happened to the missing baby. Unfortunately, with so much time passed, it's hard to see a positive outcome in this case. Statistically speaking, the longer a child remains missing, the likelier the odds that the child has met some kind of foul play.