The mother of missing baby Evelyn Boswell has been arrested, bringing another wild update to this developing case. NBC News reports that 18-year-old Megan Boswell has been charged with a single count of providing false reports, and is being held by the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

Missing baby's mother provided false statements

Authorities say that Megan Boswell provided "a number of conflicting statements." They also allege that other adults involved with the missing child have given conflicting timelines. This implies that multiple people are not being truthful in regards to what happened to this missing baby, and that is never a good sign.

The missing baby's mother claims that her mother was supposed to be babysitting when the child went missing, and the woman has indeed been arrested over the course of the search. In fact, Angela Boswell (the baby's grandmother) has a bit of a disturbing background. The woman was arrested as a felony fugitive in a stolen vehicle, and remains jailed while the search for her granddaughter continues. Knox News reports that due to the inconsistencies in the stories given by the Boswells, investigators are asking the public for assistance.

Mother was arrested after bizarre polygraph statement

The arrest of Megan Boswell comes on the heels of her bizarre refusal to take a polygraph test. Earlier on Tuesday, multiple media sources shared that the mother of the missing baby claims that she is pregnant and that she will be unable to take a lie detector test because of this.

What's bizarre about Megan's comments on Tuesday, is that she hasn't been required to take a polygraph test. Neither the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have asked Megan Boswell to take a lie detector test, so she had no reason to make such a statement. As to be expected, public scrutiny and suspicion of the missing baby's mother have only intensified.

Baby Evelyn is still missing

The missing baby was technically last seen back in December 2019 but wasn't reported missing until recently. Throughout the course of the investigation and search for Evelyn Boswell, her mother has allegedly misled authorities with the SCSO as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. This has only served to hinder the search for the missing infant.

Conflicting dates have been given on when she was last seen. Megan Boswell claims that she was last seen around the day after Christmas, but other family members have claimed that Evelyn Boswell hasn't been seen since around December 10 or 11. Regardless of whether or not any of these dates are accurate, the child hasn't been seen by anyone in her family in over two months.