What happened to Shyann Brooke Morrison? The Sikeston, Missouri woman vanished a year ago – and her loved ones are still holding on to hope that they'll find her. Meanwhile, the authorities in Missouri are still trying to figure out where she went or whether or not she is missing voluntarily. Judging from the length of time that's passed since she was last seen, it's easy to see why there are fears that this missing woman may be the victim of foul play.

She disappeared over a year ago

Shyann Morrison was last seen at a local convenience store on Feb.

5, 2021, in Sikeston, Missouri, according to Semissourian.com. Shortly before this sighting, she had reportedly had a falling-out with someone where she'd been staying. Authorities say the missing woman "gathered her belongings and left" the residence. Aside from the convenience store sighting, nobody has seen or heard from Shyann Brooke Morrison since February 2021.

It has now been over a year, and there have been no real details released in her case to help determine what might have happened to her. Detectives are keeping a cap on what details they do know, apparently, in order to protect this active investigation. If there are any suspects – or persons of interest – in this disappearance, the public has not been made aware.

All that is officially available in this case is rather scarce.

She might have gone to Texas

Even though Shyann Morrison disappeared from Sikeston, Missouri, it's presumed by police that she could have gone to Texas. At the time of her disappearance, Shyann had only lived in Missouri for approximately three months – having moved there from the state of Texas.

If she had nowhere to go in Missouri after leaving her home during a dispute, she could have very logically tried to go back to her former home in the other state. However, there have been no confirmed sightings of this missing woman since she was last seen in 2021. Furthermore, she has made absolutely no contact with her loved ones since she was reported missing over a year ago.

For what is known publicly, there is no indication that Shyann Morrison ever made it to Texas or even left the town of Sikeston, Missouri in February 2021. Furthermore, no evidence has been publicized to indicate that she may or may not be in danger, and no thorough details have been clarified regarding the last confirmed sighting of the missing woman.