Megan Boswell is behind bars while the search for her missing daughter continues. In the meantime, arrest documents have been made public, which have revealed some information about the mother of Evelyn Boswell.

The pregnancy was a lie

According to WRAL News, the pregnancy previously reported by Megan Boswell is nonexistent. The mother of the missing infant is in fact not pregnant, contrary to her own claims earlier this week. Boswell told WCYB News that she couldn't take a polygraph test because she was pregnant -- a statement that shocked the public.

"I am pregnant. That's why they won't give me a polygraph. Due to policy, if you are pregnant, they will not give you one," she said.

Megan Boswell was arrested very shortly after these claims were made. It was also revealed by Sullivan County Sheriff's Dept., and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, that no polygraph test was even requested. So Megan's attempt at evading one was not only premature but unnecessary -- and may have only harmed her in the end.

Megan Boswell is caught in her own web of lies

When the mother of the missing baby was arrested, Sheriff Joe Cassidy announced that she had made a number of inaccurate statements. In other words, the woman has been caught misleading detectives and giving false information in the search for her own missing child.

This came as a totally expected development in the search for Evelyn Boswell, since the case was already shaping up to be a disaster. From the beginning, all of the adults in this missing baby's life had given conflicting timelines, making it hard for detectives to legitimately figure out when she was actually last seen.

The mother of the missing baby initially told authorities that she knew who had her child but didn't report her missing out of fear of retaliation.

Her story eventually evolved to claiming that her mother was supposed to be babysitting the little girl. Fortunately, Megan Boswell's mother was also arrested -- while driving a stolen vehicle -- and is being held while investigators try to get to the bottom of this bizarre case. And guess what: Mother and daughter are being held in the same jail.

Megan Boswell is the new Casey Anthony

As far as Viral Stories go, the disappearance of Evelyn Boswell shares similarities with another high profile case from over a decade ago. When Caylee Marie Anthony vanished, her mother waited an entire month before reporting her missing. Casey Anthony lied to detectives multiple times and appeared to do everything she could to keep them from effectively searching for her missing child.

Just like Megan Boswell, Casey Anthony told detectives that she knew who had her daughter, and cast blame on an imaginary nanny. Ultimately, she threw her own father under the bus, accusing him of a number of crimes that were never proven. To the outrage of the public, Casey Anthony was eventually acquitted in the murder of her daughter, but she was convicted of lying to detectives over the course of the search for the child.

Is Megan Boswell heading in the same direction as Casey Anthony? So far, she's mirroring the legendary "Tot Mom" in an epic way. She waited over two months to report Evelyn missing and has apparently not stopped lying since this story first gained media attention.