A Florida man has been arrested Tuesday for an incredibly bizarre crime, and his alleged victim says he was caught directly in the act. Fox News reports that 23-year-old Frantz Beldorin was caught sucking the toes of a hospital patient, but the man swears that he is wrongly accused.

Beldorin was an employee of the hospital where the incident took place

New York Daily News reports that the Florida man worked as a "sitter" for the hospital where this incident took place. He just so happened to be assigned to the hospital roommate of the patient who is accusing the Florida man of the vile acts.

The alleged victim says that they felt someone touching their toes during at least two other occasions, but when they woke up, nobody was there.

It was on Monday night that the patient reportedly caught Beldorin directly in the act. The unnamed victim says that she felt an unusual sensation between her toes, which alerted her to wake up -- as she'd done a couple of times in the past. This time, however, the patient awoke to the Florida man allegedly knelt by the foot of her hospital bed. She says that her toes were still wet from the act.

Florida man says he isn't that kind of dude

Frantz Beldorin says that this is all a total misunderstanding and that he did not suck on the hospital patient's toes.

The hospital worker claims that he merely dropped his cellphone, and while he was knelt down to pick it up from under the woman's bed, she kicked him in the mouth. Of course, the Florida man hasn't explained why he was so close to the foot of her bed in the first place, as he was there to monitor her roommate, who was in a bed on the other side of the room.

Beldorin maintains his innocence and told one media outlet that the whole situation makes him look like a creep. He said:

"It makes me look crazy -- or, like, creepy. And I'm not...I'm not that type of dude."

The Florida man also maintains that his skin color may have been a factor in this situation, blowing up the way it has.

"She's afraid, and we're in the dark. It's a dark room with a dark male at the foot of her bed. I can understand."

His mother had also come to his defense, claiming that racism was at play when security hauled him from the hospital and had him arrested. She told reporters with WBBH News that her son would "by no means suck an old lady's toes."

People really are sucking toes out there

This entire story may seem too strange to be true, but there really are people out there sucking toes without consent-- and it's apparently becoming some kind of weird trend in crime news coverage. As far as Viral Stories go in the toe-sucking arena, another Florida man got a rude awakening recently when someone broke into his home and sucked on his toes while he was asleep.

The bewildered Bradenton resident says that the incident took place on Christmas Eve, no less.

In 2017 an Ohio man was arrested after he allegedly sucked a teenager's toes at a mall. The victim told authorities that Joseph Jones approached her and complimented her shoes when he got down by her foot to "get a better look" at them, he ended up licking her toes and foot.

As for the Florida man in this latest story, do you think this is really a case of an innocent mistake gone too far? Or is Frantz Beldorin's excuse shady?