The four contenders in the 2020 race of the Democratic Party to the white house are Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren. They remain the same after the Nevada caucuses but Bernie Sanders is way ahead of the others. He secured 44.6 percent of the vote, while former vice president Joe Biden had only 19.5 percent. The last two, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, appear to be also-rans at the moment. Bernie Sanders had a good run in the New Hampshire primary and a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses. Obviously, he is inching ahead and could become the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

He will have the responsibility of denying a second term to Donald Trump.

Sky News quotes Bernie Sanders as telling the crowd, "We're going to win here in Texas, we're going to win across the country because the American people are sick and tired of a president who lies all of the time.” He added that Americans are not happy with a government that thrives on greed, corruption, and lies. He also said the people want an administration that will offer all-round justice covering the economy, environment, and race.

He made plenty of promises related to education and healthcare. He also mentioned about leaving a clean environment that would be a healthy and habitable planet for our future generations. On the subject of healthcare, he said, “In America, you should not go bankrupt because you're struggling with cancer."

How Bernie Sanders fared in Nevada

An analysis carried out by a polling agency reveals that the largest share of whites and non-white caucus votes went to the Vermont senator.

On a rough estimate, the majority of Hispanic caucus-goers voted for him. They constitute nearly one-third of Nevada's population. When it comes to the African-American voters, the support for Sanders was less than for Joe Biden. What mattered was the ability of Bernie Sanders to win the trust of a large share of women and men.

They included white college-educated women who could play an important role for Democrats in November's presidential election.

Sky News goes on to explain the preference of voters on the issues that included healthcare, climate change, income inequality, and foreign policy. In the opinion of a majority of Democratic Nevada caucus-goers (nearly 43 percent), healthcare matters the most to them. Then comes climate change, followed by income inequality and foreign policy.

A correspondent of a news channel says: "Bernie Sanders campaign is clearly generating the most enthusiasm and that is translating into votes. Opinion polls do suggest he can beat Donald Trump.”

Bernie Sanders dominates Nevada

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bernie Sanders is inching ahead towards the winning post. He has won Nevada presidential caucuses by a huge margin. He is on top of a still-large Democratic field. The victory of the Vermont senator was no surprise. His huge margin and depth of support indicate his possibilities. Former Vice President Joe Biden was a distant second in Nevada. He would now have to prepare for the next round in South Carolina to find out whom the voters there prefer.

Sanders was a strong favorite in Nevada given his ardent following among younger voters and Latinos as well as residual support from his 2016 White House bid.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders could challenge Trump

In the beginning, there were many hopefuls and the list has gradually reduced with the top four being Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren. At one point in time, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were top contenders and one of them was expected to get the nod of the Democratic Party. However, after Nevada caucus, Sanders has surged ahead leaving Warren behind. The Vermont senator had suffered some health problems in the initial stages but he has recovered.