Back in December 2018, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren met at a personal level. It was in Warren's apartment in Washington, DC. They were aware that both of them would make a bid for the White House and be in the president 2020 race. During the conversation, they discussed various strategies. One was about not targeting one another because that could damage the progressive movement. Warren felt she would be a strong candidate. In her opinion, her plus points were her ability to make a robust argument about the economy. She also expected to cash in on the broad support from female voters.

However, Sanders apparently told her that he did not believe a woman could win.

CNN says there is no record of the meeting but the information is based on accounts of some people who are close to them. In fact, subsequent to the publication of this story, Elizabeth Warren backed it up. She said, “I thought a woman could win; he disagreed." Bernie Sanders, on his part, denied the characterization of the meeting and gave a statement to that effect to CNN.

It is obvious that they were keen to strike a balance between their friendship and political rivalry even before the President 2020 race was officially underway.

Can a woman win the President 2020 race?

America has yet to get a woman president and there is an apparent hesitation in accepting the fact that a woman could win the race.

It might appear to be farfetched to many in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton did make an attempt in 2016 but could not succeed. Elizabeth Warren for President 2020 is the only woman candidate in the list of top contenders of the Democratic field. The success of women elected to the House of Representatives is a pointer that changes are happening.

Their presence has helped the Democrats get popularity. The party's field of White House candidates this time has a number of women and Warren is one of them.

CNN goes on to add that with the Iowa caucuses fast approaching, Warren is now the only woman who shows some promise. Her polling is in double-digits nationally and she continues to be among the top four Democrats in the race. The other three are Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden and the fight could witness unexpected results.

The race for President 2020 could spring surprises

According to the BBC, Elizabeth Warren appears to be the only woman from the Democratic Party camp who could face Donald Trump in the final reckoning.

In this connection, it seems Bernie Sanders had commented on an earlier occasion that “A woman could not win this year's presidential election.” He is believed to have made those comments while talking with Warren herself in December 2018.

However, Vermont senator Sanders denied the claim. In fact, he insists that his belief was just the opposite. Warren says that in spite of the controversy, the two of them remain "friends and allies." Sanders also agreed. He said he had given many speeches but had never spoken ill of her and clarified that both he and Warren have teams of people working for them. They can have their opinions. He told reporters in Iowa – “You have heard me give many speeches.

Have I ever said one negative word about Elizabeth Warren?"

How the top four stand in the President 2020 race

The BBC provides more information on the race to the White House. Bernie Sanders for President 2020 is another hopeful. He will be on stage along Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg for the next round of debates. Each of them wants to deny another term to Donald Trump. The latest opinion poll of 8-9 January puts the support of registered Democrats at 23 percent for Joe Biden, 20 percent for Bernie Sanders and 15 percent for Elizabeth Warren.

In other words, they are neck-to-neck. The race to the White House for President 2020 could spring some surprises and the world waits to see if a woman does become the 46th president of the United States.