The Democratic Party, in the president 2020 race to the White House, is witnessing upsets. While Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary contest, former vice-president Joe Biden seems to be slipping. He was a frontrunner but is now in the fourth position. Sanders won by a narrow margin and declared the night as "the beginning of the end" for Donald Trump. His success in New Hampshire and Iowa was a sort of momentum for his race ahead. Among the women, Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar improved her position. She moved up to third place to displace Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren.

The BBC says Bernie Sanders, the left-wing senator, defeated the centrist former mayor Pete Buttigieg. The mayor offered a different Democratic vision in the race to the White House. Amy Klobuchar came to the fore as a surprise contender and trailed behind Pete to occupy the third place. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden appear to have lost their hold and finished in fourth and fifth places respectively. It seems around 280,000 Democratic voters participated and Sanders secured 26 percent of votes.

He won but it was a slim lead of 1.6 percent over the votes secured by Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Bernie Sanders (78) hailed his win as a "great victory" and thanked his supporters.

The President 2020 race gets interesting

The Democratic Party had too many contenders in the race. There were seasoned campaigners and newcomers and each of them felt it would be a cakewalk.

However, some of them realized that it was an uphill task and left the race. Those who remain have to prove their mettle. Bernie Sanders is inching ahead in the President 2020 election. He has talked about building a movement to defeat Donald Trump. Compared to the Iowa caucus last week, the turnout of voters in New Hampshire was promising.

The BBC brings up the issue of non-whites. The frontrunners from Iowa and New Hampshire will have to work out strategies of how to bring a broader coalition of voters into their folds. They should not forget the non-white voters. In this context, the showing of Sanders is better compared to that of Pete Buttigieg. As far as Amy Klobuchar (59) goes, she has improved her position after a strong debate performance last week. It has helped her to add power to her campaign for subsequent contests in Nevada and South Carolina.

She said, "Everyone had counted us out even a week ago. I came back and we delivered".

America watches President 2020 race of Democrats

According to Sky News, after the New Hampshire primary, Bernie Sanders occupies the top slot with Pete Buttigieg second. The Vermont senator hopes the winning trend will continue. He said, "With victories behind us, the popular vote in Iowa and victory here tonight, we're going to Nevada, we're going to South Carolina, we're going to win those states as well." His message to fellow Democrats was to unite in their fight to defeat the occupant of the White House. Donald Trump has already won the state's Republican primary with hardly any opposition and the nominated Democrat will have to face him.

Bernie Sanders and the President 2020 race

There is one great difference between the top two contenders of the Democratic Party. That is their age. While Bernie Sanders is 78, Pete Buttigieg is much younger, in his 30s. Moreover, Bernie has experience on his side, unlike Pete who lacks wide and varied experience in politics. In spite of that, he can claim credit for having beaten hopefuls like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Amy Klobuchar among the top four in the President 2020 race keeps hopes alive of the first woman President in the United States.