The NRA is notorious for sending out its "deepest condolences" after mass shootings make headline news. However, you never really see any action to accompany those words. In the wake of various American shootings, the National Rifle Association has been — by the San Francisco board's resolution — connected to the crimes, according to USA Today, sort of like "sponsors." In the board's new resolution against the NRA, they've alleged that the organization is connected to an "epidemic of gun violence" in the United States.

Also within the resolution, the board requested that San Francisco establishments avoid the pro-guns organization and cut ties with any entities that are affiliated with the NRA, including contractors and local vendors.

The resolution, likewise, asked the government to do the same. USA Today reported that the document cites that the NRA pushes deception and misinformation on the public regarding gun violence. According to Supervisor Catherine Stefani, this is a first step toward real action, and she hopes legislation — no matter the level — will step up and take a stand.

'Calling the NRA out for what it is'

Supervisor Stefani stated that the board is right to call the NRA a domestic terrorist organization because of its absolute opposition for gun reform blatantly makes it difficult to "save lives." USA Today said the resolution unanimously passed. Stefani said that the NRA has stoked these flames more than anyone else.

According to her, every country has video games, mental illness, etc. However, the United States is the only country committing mass shootings against its own people. She makes a rebuttal-proof point though. The board member also noted that access to assault rifles is the issue. Reportedly, she stated that no other country has so many within their streets.

Yet, CNN mentioned that the National Rifle Association responded to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' resolution. Amy Hunter, an NRA spokeswoman, stated that the board's document was a "worthless" and "disgusting" remedy to the country's gun violence issue. "This is a reckless assault on a law-abiding organization, its members, and the freedoms they all stand for," Hunter told CNN.

However, reportedly, the board's resolution is mostly "symbolic," CNN said. And if that's the case, it shows someone — a city unitedly standing against one of the largest, influential organizations in America — that it's not impossible.