The National Rifle Association filed a criminal complaint that revealed they are facing a serious financial crisis, leaving their future is in jeopardy. According to Rolling Stone, the NRA is running out of funds and may soon be unable to exist or achieve it's main goals. The NRA said the reason for the crisis is because of a "blacklisting campaign," spearheaded by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The "blacklisting campaign," is allegedly costing the gun lobby group millions of dollars in damages.

The complaint was originally filed in the US District Court, last month.

The NRA alleges that they don't have access to funds necessary to properly operate as a not-for-profit. They recently lost insurance coverage, meaning they may no longer be able to hold rallies and conventions.

NRA may shut down many of their media properties

The NRA operates on multiple platforms, but they are most notable for their streaming TV service. Rolling Stone reports that they may have to shut down their streaming service, as well as their popular magazine. Without insurance, there is a serious risk that NRATV will be forced to shut down.

The NRA's main goal with this complaint is to force an immediate injunction against the state, as well as putting a stop to any possible damage to NRA business contracts and all current and future relationships.

Without the proper funding, the NRA would not be able to exist as a nonprofit.

Anti-NRA advocates including Parkland survivors praising NRA's financial woes

As the NRA works at finding a way to stay afloat, many anti-NRA critics have spoken out, praising the gun lobby group's predicament. Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg tweeted out "this shows that the young people are winning." The fight against the NRA has stirred up a heated gun debate between Americans.

New York's fight against the gun lobby group continues and does not appear to be stopping. Governor Cuomo publicly called the NRA's suit an attempt at advancing its dangerous agenda. However, Cuomo later admitted that he ordered state regulators to urge financial services companies such as banks to review relationships they may have with the National Rifle Association.

The Rifle Association reported that they have nearly five million members, and have taken in a yearly average of $128 million in donations. In 2018, the NRA Political Victory fund secured $2.4 million in donations during the month of March. According to HuffPost, the NRA sees a spike in donations, following mass shootings. The donations received regularly go to politicians that support the gun lobby. In 2016, the NRA spent $61 million supporting members of Congress and President Trump received $31 million in advertising. Trump has been a strong advocate of the second amendment.