The Bahamas in the Caribbean faced the fury of hurricane dorian, a Category 5 storm, as it lashed the countryside with a barrage of wind and rain for over 40 hours. At least five people lost their lives and the storm led to evacuation of people of all ages, from children to elderly by the Coast Guard. United Nations officials estimate that thousands of people in the northwest Bahamas will be in need of humanitarian aid in the form of essentials. The UN will discuss with the government to assess the effects of the storm and accord priority to meet the needs of Grand Bahama Island and the Abaco Islands.

The Red Cross mentions the necessity of access to clean drinking water.

Daily Mail UK quotes Bahamas Health Minister Duane Sands as saying that Hurricane Dorian has played havoc with the health infrastructure on Grand Bahama Island. In addition, neighboring Abaco islands also suffered from its fury. He added that the main hospital in Marsh Harbor was safe and was a shelter for some people but they needed essentials like food, water, medicine and surgical supplies.

Florida will be the next target

Hurricane Dorian will now target Florida with storm surges and 120 mph winds.

The coastal areas of the United States are already facing gusty winds and heavy rain. Authorities have asked residents to move out to safer places and many of them have shifted to shelters. Dorian has weakened but it continues to remain a threat in the form of a Category 3 hurricane.

Daily Mail UK provides more information on other aspects related to possible effects of the hurricane.

Disney World will be shutting its doors at 3 PM because of fears that Orlando could be in the path of Dorian if it deviates from its course. Orlando International Airport will also not operate. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis advised people to move out because the storm could mean massive destruction. Florida Senator Rick Scott endorsed the thoughts of the governor and said, “We can rebuild your home.

We can't rebuild your life.’

South Carolina also in its sights

According to CBC Ca, Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas. The floodwaters reached up to the second floors of buildings and left people trapped in attics. Many homes and buildings suffered damage and rebuilding efforts will be costly. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis did not mince his words when he described the devastation as “unprecedented and extensive." The storm should approach the Florida coast later. Several airports announced closures and cancellation of some flights. South Carolina is also in the path of the hurricane. Mandatory evacuation orders are issued for the entire South Carolina coast effective Monday.