The NRA has been put on the defensive over the past week following the horrific events in Parkland, Florida. The students who survived and people around the country are demanding stricter Gun Control laws. There's a rising tide suggesting that meaningful reform could actually take place. One man is aiming to stop all of that in its tracks, though: Wayne Lapierre.

The head of the National Rifle Association spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday morning. He defending his organization against growing cries for reform. LaPierre also targeted the very students leading the calls for action in the most heinous fashion imaginable.

LaPierre takes it a step too far

LaPierre will do anything in his power to defend the NRA, the most powerful gun lobby in the United States. His talking head always becomes prominent in the wake of school shootings, particularly. There's probably a way for him to do his job without degrading those who just lived through an unimaginable tragedy. But he can't seem to help himself in that regard.

LaPierre further polarized a gun control debate that was already heavily politicized. He claimed that "opportunists" were exploiting the tragedy in Parkland for political gain and attacks on the Second Amendment. It doesn't take much reading in between the lines to see he's talking about two groups: Democrats and the energized students leading the discussion over the past week.

It's bad enough that conspiracy theories are being peddled about the students who have been courageous enough to display their emotions for a national audience daily. Outright disrespecting them as "opportunists" in the fight for gun control is despicable.

More NRA problems

The NRA is facing backlash on social media as well. After Wednesday night's CNN Town Hall (which included a representative from the group), they posted a GIF on Twitter featuring Leslie Knope, a character in "Parks and Recreation." They did so in support of Dana Loesch, their rep at the event.

The prominent players from the show were less than pleased.

Creator Michael Schur chastised the NRA's "pro-slaughter agenda." He also spoke on behalf of series star Amy Poehler, who expressed her own disgust.

Other stars, including Nick Offerman and Adam Scott, tweeted their anger at the NRA.

The gun control debate is not going to cease anytime soon in the United States. Rather than be belligerent and oppositional, Wayne LaPierre could take a cue from the Parkland students and bring the NRA to the negotiation table in a compromising mindset.