The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has chosen the platform offered by the G20 summit in Osaka to refer for the first time to the two episodes of tremors that she has had in a few days and that have unleashed all kinds of speculations. "I am convinced that in the same way that this reaction made its appearance, it will also disappear again," Merkel told a news conference when asked if she could clarify what was behind the tremors and if she had consulted a medical expert. "I understand the meaning of the question, but I have nothing special to report, I feel good," she added, as reported by the German media.


The chancellor has suffered two tremor attacks in less than ten days. The first took place in Berlin, during the official reception of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski . When the military band sang the German national anthem, she began to tremble. Shortly after, she said she had drunk three glasses of water, in an attempt to point out that the episode had been due to dehydration due to the high temperatures.

Last Thursday, the chancellor suffered tremors again. It was during the appointment of the new Minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht, this time, while in the presidential palace. Merkel was offered a glass of water, an offer which she declined. When she moved, the tremors disappeared.

Afterwards, she went to the Bundestag, where she appeared smiling and relaxed, and then flew to Osaka, but the country's press was curious to know if she had any illness that could hinder her from from continuing to serve in her current position.

In a press conference, the deputy executive spokeswoman, Martina Fietz, had assured on Friday that Merkel was very fit, in excellent health and fully capable of fulfilling her obligations.

"The images that can be seen from Osaka show a fully active and healthy chancellor who does her job and all scheduled meetings," she said.

The newspapers Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten pointed out that same day that, according to sources close to the Government, Merkel herself considers that the latest attack is a consequence of a psychological reaction to the episode of spasms that she suffered the week before the act with Zelenski.

No big deal

"There is nothing to worry about." The memory of last week's episode led to today's situation, it is therefore a psychological prosecution "of what happened then, said the sources quoted by the newspapers.

Merkel's latest attack was used in an unfortunate manner by the president of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock. The leader of the environmentalist party said there was a connection between Merkel's tremors and climate change. "It is also clear to the chancellor that this summer climate will have effects on health," she said, and later apologized on Twitter: "That statement has been a mistake."