Independence Day was celebrated in the United States today and this year's event was done uniquely with the American president Donald Trump using the festivities to put himself in the spotlight with a "greeting to America" ​​and at the same time providing the necessary military show of power. Spectators marveled at the fighter jets, the impressive Air Force One, tanks and stunts from the aircraft demonstration team of the American army, the Blue Angels.

Even though it was raining cats and dogs, thousands of people gathered at the famous Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, for the event, where Trump gave a speech.

The president began his patriotic speech with a brief summary of the country's history and continued to list America's achievements, such as the construction of the first aircraft. The president also addressed space plans and made an ambitious promise: "We are going back to the moon soon, and we shall plant an American flag on Mars soon."

Unite Americans

In addition, the president used the event to try and unite the Americans. “We are one people who pursue one dream and one big destiny. We all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart and we are all created by the same almighty God," Trump said during the speech, which was repeatedly interrupted by the "flyovers" of the military aircraft.

"Today we are coming together as one nation for this special tribute to America," the president declared flanked by two tanks. Independence Day is traditionally not apolitical holiday in the US, and opponents blame Trump for hijacking the celebration for the sake of secretly campaigning for the presidential election. The high costs for the event were also strongly criticized, but Trump dismissed that criticism because, he thought, the costs are small compared to what the whole event is actually worth.

Campaign issues were not discussed in Trump's speech. All his attention went to American successes and the military history of the country. For example, Trump called American troops "the best soldiers in the world" and called on young fellow countrymen to "do an act" and join the army. "We will never forget that we are Americans and the future is ours," the president told the enthusiastic crowd, as reported by the Guardian News.

Finally, Trump also paid tribute to the police, 9/11 volunteers and aid workers, and various prominent black American figures that define America's history such as Martin Luther King.

French national holiday

Trump reportedly got the idea for a military parade in his own country after attending the French national holiday in Paris in 2017 together with President Emmanuel Macron.