US President Donald Trump loves to spring surprises. He is now in Japan for the G20 summit and has suddenly made an offer to Kim Jong-un. The US president wants to meet the North Korean supremo. He has identified a probable location. It is a neutral venue and known as the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Donald Trump wants the ‘snap’ meeting this weekend. Observers could be reading different meanings into this. They could be wondering whether it is a part of his 2020 campaign strategy. If so, it could bolster his image and strengthen his case for reoccupying the White House

Sky News reports during one of the meetings at the summit, Donald Trump said he "put out a feeler" for organizing a meeting with Kim Jong-un.

The president is in Japan to attend the summit and his travel plans are to go to South Korea on Saturday and return to Washington on Sunday. He probably wanted to use this opportunity to meet the North Korean leader. Hence, he tweeted his plans where he mentioned about his meeting with President Xi of China.

Donald Trump praised Kim Jong-un sky high

During an interaction with media persons, Donald Trump said he and the leader of North Korea "get along very well." He went on to claim that he had prevented a possible direct confrontation with the hermit kingdom and kept emphasizing that he had ensured there was no war.

His specific words were - “It's good to get along (with Kim Jong Un) because frankly if I didn't become president (the US would) be right now in a war with North Korea."

Sky News adds that the US president would meet South Korea's President Moon Jae-in over the weekend.

The two of them would then proceed to the demilitarized zone. The setup had impressed him and he went on to describe it as a "real border." In his opinion, a border wall should be one that nobody can go through. He had pledged to build a US-Mexico border wall in his 2016 campaign. However, he has been struggling to fulfil his pledge.

President Trump wants to shake hands with Kim and say Hello

According to Fox News, US President Donald Trump has mentioned about the possibility of meeting Chairman Kim Jong-un, if he is in North Korea. He indicated his preference for the site as the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. The POTUS is at the G20 summit in Japan, and would arrive in South Korea on Saturday. He just wants to meet Kim, say “Hello” and shake hands. There have been no public meetings between Washington and Pyongyang after the failure of the Hanoi summit between them. However, a glimmer of hope arose when the two of them exchanged personal letters recently in which both paid compliments to each other. Details of the contents have not been made public but it is presumed that there are hopes of another summit.