Who is Nesamani and why do they pray for him on Twitter? On the famous social network, #Pray_for_Nesamani and #Nesamani have become a real mystery. It all started in India, but now these hashtags have become trendy all over the world. Several hypotheses have been made about Nesamani, which have also involved the political world. There have also been memes and comic cartoons, which are driving Twitter users and others crazy. Finally, the mystery seems to have been unveiled.

The truth about Nesamani become viral on Twitter

After many and sometimes absurd explanations, the truth about Nesamani's identity has arrived.

He is a completely invented character, inspired by a 2001 Tamil comedy film. Actor Vadivelu, a true icon of Indian comedy, in the film "Friends" plays the role of a strange building contractor, with a difficult character and always suffering from disastrous mishaps.

The entrepreneur does not combine a good one and, in an attempt to restructure a building, becomes the protagonist of a series of unfortunate events. One of the bricklayers drops his hammer while he is on the ladder. The hammer hits poor Nesamani hard. Hence, the hashtag #Nesamani, viral on Twitter.

#Handels becomes the second trend in the world

Amazing how the hashtag #Handicrafts has become popular. It was in fact ranked first on Twitter in India and as the second trend in the world.

Why did Nesamani become viral? There are many hypotheses. According to the editor of "Friends", Sowmya Rajendran, it all started with some Indian meme depicting the famous comic scene of the hammer that fell on Nesamani's head. A Twitter user would then do the rest, asking in which language the word 'hammer' would be translated.

Needless to say, in a little while the meme and its hashtag #Handles have become viral all over the world.

Enjoy the misadventure of Nesamani, Twitter users began to "pray for him", giving life to the much viral hashtags and meme.

Subsequently, fake medical bulletins were created that referred to Nesamani, making users believe that it was a real person. There were also photomontages and cartoons involving political figures, also intent on "praying for Nesamani".

The funny thing is that these posts seemed to be taken seriously by Internet users. In short, a real mockery that involved millions of users around the world, who joined in prayer without even knowing who this mysterious Nesamani was. The person directly involved, the actor who plays Nersamani seems to have been unaware of it. And that's why the mystery of the true identity of the man who held the Twitter users in suspense, united with the hashtag #PrayforMesamani.