The wildfires in California continues to spread and a very small portion of it is contained, as thousands of firefighters tackle the blaze. The death toll in the Camp Fire is 42 and rescuers are seeing burnt vehicles and homes. Many people are missing and there are fears of an increase in the toll figures. Paradise town is a popular place for retired people and the catastrophe has their near and dear ones worried. Another two deaths came in celebrity-studded Malibu in Southern California.

Sky News reports that in the words of Butte County sheriff, this “has become the deadliest Wildfire in US history.” There are remains of people near vehicles, both are burnt beyond recognition.

The fire and smoke must have been responsible for the deaths and hundreds are still missing. Teams of firefighters had to tackle the blaze working against strong winds and tall flames.

Extent of damage from Camp Fire

According to CNN, the extent of damage is anybody’s guess but the Camp Fire in California has destroyed 6,453 homes apart from 260 other structures. The cause is yet to be established but there was a transmission line outage near Pulga.

This happened some moments before the disaster struck. On a rough estimate, more than 300,000 people have become homeless, and the majority of them are in Los Angeles County. The wildfire has not spared celebrities in Malibu. Much of Malibu is in ruins and the city's mayor pro tem, Jefferson 'Zuma Jay' Wagner, is in hospital.

He suffered injuries as he tried to save his house.

The wildfires in both ends of the state are a major challenge to the authorities. Camp Fire literally razed Paradise city and accounted for most of the dead. The Woolsey Fire in Southern California also poses dangers because the Santa Ana winds could add to the problems by bringing the gusts to near hurricane force.

Two people died in that fire. This is the opinion of a CNN meteorologist.

Camp Fire rescue efforts intensify

CNN goes on to add that in some areas, the rescue efforts of Camp Fire have become cleanup and recovery operations. Some residents have returned to the remains of their homes that are like skeletons surrounded by charred remains of vehicles, trees, and buildings. The environment is badly affected by the loss of greenery and not only people but animals also have felt the heat. President Donald Trump has approved a request for a Major Disaster Declaration. That will go a long way to rebuild with federal resources. The authorities have begun investigations into the cause of the fires. Two utility companies have reported incidents in the area that could be relevant.