Ruby Rose is a mesmerizing model and talented actress. The stunner has been seen in ads for some of the best brands around. She has been the go-to gal for Urban Decay Cosmetics and she has posed for publications including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, InStyle, Vogue, and more. As for her acting, "Orange is the New Black" has truly put the awesome Aussie on the map, making Ruby Rose a household name here in the U.S. as well as all over the globe.

But with fame comes interest from fans. And today’s fans love to scour the web to find as much information as they can about their favorite stars.

From photos to blog posts to articles and related content, the web is a minefield for die-hard fans to keep up with the top Celebrities. Seems like a fine idea, no muss, no fuss, no trouble, no danger. Or…can there be more to scoping out celebs online than meets the eye?

Cyber alert! Danger may be at your fingertips when you search for Ruby Rose

If you are one of the many fans who is smitten with the ravishing Ruby Rose, beware of searching for her online. While the idea is tempting – she is beautiful and interesting – seeking her out on the web can have dire consequences. As Reuters explains, looking up Rose can expose your computer to websites that are deemed malicious, meaning they can plant viruses on your computer.

While Rose isn’t the only celeb to be tied to such issues, she has been named the “most dangerous” to search according to McAfee, a cybersecurity company. Of course, Rose herself has nothing to do with it, but this news may affect how many searches she gets in the future.

Who else aside from Ruby Rose to avoid looking up online

Now that Ruby Rose is off-limits (if you want to avoid a computer conundrum), you will want to know who else to avoid browsing for on the internet. If you are a fan of reality television, then you surely know the California cutie-turned-business woman and mom, Kristin Cavallari.

She is super-popular these days with her own reality TV show on the E! network.

She is married to a pro ball player and she’s not only stunning, but smart, successful, and sassy. All of these attributes make her one to watch and one to seek more info about on the web. But according to McAfee, she is the second most “dangerous” star to search. Like searches for Ruby Rose, clicks to sights that mention Kristin Cavallari can cause your computer to “catch” a virus. Is it really worth it? If you want to see more of Cavallari, your best bet is to tune in to "Very Cavallari" on E!.

Along with Ruby Rose and Kristin Cavallari, rounding out the top five celebs that you ought to avoid searching for on the web are Marion Cotillard, Lynda Carter, and Rose Byrne.

It is unclear why these five women are at the forefront of “danger” on the web, but something about searching for them is proving to be bad news for those who suffer the consequences of a suspicious link. Even Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) can’t protect your computer from a nasty virus!

Who was last year’s 'Ruby Rose' ... the “most dangerous” to click?

While she has not been super-popular for years, singer Avril Lavigne was on top in the worst way in 2017. She was listed by McAfee as the number one most “dangerous celebrity” to click around for on the web. This year, Lavigne ranked far further down the list at 30. While most stars aim for the top slot in their careers, in this case, ranking at 30 is probably a good thing!

Back to Ruby Rose and her upcoming gig

Although she may jack up your computer, Ruby Rose is still as captivating as ever. She’s on top of her game and geared up to star in "Batwoman," the CW series. Seeing Rose as a fierce superhero will make her fans go wild, and those who are not already in awe of the actress are sure to jump aboard and join the ever-growing Ruby Rose fan club. In her costume and with her cool attitude, Rose is going to rock this role, perhaps rivaling her success on "Orange is the New Black."

How to avoid being hacked by searching for Ruby Rose

If you still want to search the web for your favorite stars but don’t want to see your computer crash, Keep your computer and software up to date and only click on content that seems safe.

If the site seems iffy, move on to something that is more secure and seems legit. Pass over the ones that look unusual, have odd URLs, or just seem “off.”

So, will you still look around on the web for new Ruby Rose content? She is hard to resist. Just do it carefully and with your computer’s best interest at heart.