Secret service have intercepted explosive devices sent by mail to former president Barack Obama, former vice-president Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and some leading Democrats. The list of other probable recipients includes CIA director John Brennan, George Soros and Eric Holder. New York City police have confirmed that initial investigation indicates the devices to be pipe bombs. These have added to the tension ahead of the forthcoming midterm elections.

Independent UK reports that FBI Director Christopher Wray has talked about an FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force consisting of relevant departments who will try to identify and take into custody whosoever is responsible.

The incidents appear to be of domestic terror. None of the packages detonated and there are no injuries but no one has claimed responsibility either. The motive is not readily evident.

Possible links to midterm elections

The timing of the bomb threats is significant because 2018 midterm elections will be on 6 November. The political scenario appears to be confusing because there are fears of the Republicans losing their majority. That could mean a setback for President Donald Trump.

He has condemned the letter bomb attacks, and while addressing a rally in Wisconsin, has assured that his administration would conduct “an aggressive investigation.. In his opinion, such acts are nothing but attacks on democracy. The aim must be to preserve peace and harmony. While on the subject, he also had a few words for the media.

His message to them was to end the hostile attitude and negative approach.

Trump talks tough on bomb threats

According to the BBC, President Donald Trump has said that bomb threats of this nature "have no place in America." While speaking at the White House, he has confirmed that the FBI has briefed him and there will be a major federal investigation into this affair.

He has yet again said that the safety of the American people is his priority. The message must go out that there is no place in America for threats or acts of political violence.

The US Secret Service has confirmed the sequence of events. The first package meant for Hillary Clinton was recovered on 23 October. The second incident happened the next day. Its recipient was the residence of former president Barack Obama but Secret Service personnel intercepted it in advance in Washington, DC. New York Police Commissioner O'Neill has said that the police are in touch with people to gather necessary data, and the FBI is assisting in the investigation. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also decried these attempted attacks. He has asked the people to refrain from encouraging violence, hatred, and attacks on the media.